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Billing & Payment Information


At California American Water, providing you with the best customer service possible is our priority. We offer the following payment methods:

Pay by Mail
Use the convenient return envelope provided to you with your bill. Detach and enclose the bill stub with your check or money order. Do not send cash.

Automatic Payment
Sign up for Automatic Payment, and your bill will be paid on time, every time, directly from your checking or savings account on the date it is due.
Download the Automatic Payment Form for complete instructions.

Online Self-Service, Bill Pay
With our new self-service website, My H2O Online, residential customers can pay bills online, when it is convenient. You can also manage your account and keep track of your history of water use and account activity for up to two years. Commercial customers and any others who are unable to register on the site can pay online by visiting

Pay by Phone
If you do not have questions about your bill, you can pay-by-phone using your Visa or MasterCard by calling 1.855.748.6066. There is a small fee for this service. Be sure to have your account number handy. This is located on the upper right corner of your current bill.

Pay at at local payment location
Convenient, authorized locations across the state will accept your payment. Please note these locations DO NOT accept payments by mail.

Understanding Your Bill

The service charge on your bill allows the company to recover a portion of fixed costs necessary to provide customers with access to service. Power, chemicals, maintenance, rent, customer service, and administrative service expenses are examples of these costs. Other charges determined by the California Public Utilities Commission may also be shown on your bill.

Today, most California American Water customers are billed based on the volume they consume as measured by a water meter at the service location. Metered systems help customers monitor their water usage to conserve precious resources, protect the environment, and control customer costs. Some customers in the greater Sacramento area are now billed a flat unmetered rate. In keeping with our commitment to water conservation, unmetered customers will be converted to metered systems in the years ahead. The company will notify you before your service charge is converted to a metered system.

Metered Customers
California American Water employees regularly read your water meter to find out how much water has been used during the prior period. The service charge is a minimum regular charge determined by the meter diameter, to which we add a charge based on the cost of water actually used.

Third Party Notification Service
A special program is available to help protect elderly or disabled customers from service interruption. We offer this service at no extra charge. With our Third Party Notification service, a phone call will be made to a person designated by the customer prior to service being disconnected. This will give a family member, friend or caregiver time to take action to prevent the service from being terminated.

For most customers, your water bill is divided into two sections – a flat service charge and a quantity charge.

A. The flat service charge is the fee you pay to connect to the system. It remains the same each month regardless of your water usage.

B. The quantity charge is based on a charge per 100 cubic feet of water you use (1 cubic foot is about 7.5 gallons of water). Using less water will save you money on this portion of your water bill.

On your bill, you will see find the following:

  1. Upper portion detaches to return with your payment.
  2. Upper portion shows date billed, date due, and amount due.
  3. For your records, the bottom portion includes:
    • Service Addres
    • Due Date
    • How to reach us
    • Account summary