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Water Saving Tips




12 Ways to Conserve
See what you can SAVE…

1. Water you lawn only when it needs it. An easy way to tell if your lawn needs water is to simply walk across the grass. If you leave footprints, it’s time to water. SAVE: 750 to 1,500 gallons a month
2. Fix leaky faucets and plumbing joints. SAVE: 20 gallons a day for every leak
3. Wash your car using a bucket of soapy water instead of letting the hose run. Use a positive shut-off nozzle. SAVE: 150 gallons per car wash
4. Install water-saving showerheads, flow restrictors and high-efficiency toilets. SAVE: 500 to 800 gallons a month
5. Keep showers to 10 minutes or less. SAVE: 700 gallons a month
6. Use a broom or rake instead of a hose to clean driveways and sidewalks. SAVE: 150 gallons each time you sweep or rake
7. Don’t use your toilet as an ashtray or wastebasket. SAVE: 400 to 800 gallons a month
8. While waiting for hot water, capture running tap water for later use on household plants or in your garden. SAVE: 200 to 300 gallons a month
9. Adjust sprinklers so they don’t water the pavement, sidewalks, driveway or gutter. SAVE: 500 gallons a month
10. Run only full loads in the washing machine or dishwasher. SAVE: 300 to 800 gallons a month
11. Regularly check your toilet, faucets, and pipes for leaks by using our Leak Detection Kit. If you happen to find a leak, fix it as soon as possible.
12. Teach your kids about water conservation with the Puddles Coloring Book. Come help Puddles the Duck and his friends conserve water. This exciting book is filled with characters and fun-filled lessons on conservation.