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Billing and Payment Information

At American Water, providing you with the best possible customer service is our priority, and we offer several easy ways to manage your account and pay your bill. 

To view billing and payment options in your state, please choose from the list below.

Understanding the Charges on Your Bill

The below list outlines some of the charges you may see on your bill. Your actual bill may be different, because bill components vary by community. 

  1. Your account number
  2. Total amount due
  3. Due date
  4. Amount to be paid
  5. Return address
  6. Your mailing address
  7. Address and account number where the water service is received
  8. Billing period
  9. Rate type
  10. Meter number and size
  11. Beginning and ending meter readings for the billing period
  12. Amount of water used during the billing period
  13. Total prior balance including surcharges and penalties
  14. Total water charges (explanation is on back of bill) and total gallons used multiplied by the current rate per gallon
  15. Total amount due
  16. Graph showing average gallons used per billing cycle
  17. Area for important messages
  18. Address and telephone number of the customer service center and emergency services




American Water has agreements with hundreds of merchants in our service areas where you can pay in person. These locations include supermarkets, drug stores and other local merchants. 

Please note: payment locations and terms change periodically. Customers are encouraged to call the location first, to verify the information on this site. Payments should not be mailed to these locations. 

* For customers who have received a disconnection notice: Locate your account number and scheduled disconnection date on your billing statement/notice. Submit your payment at one of the authorized Pay In Person Locations before the disconnection date and record the payment authorization/receipt number. To find an authorized payment location near you, please use the search engine below. Please note: it is no longer necessary to contact us with a payment authorization or receipt number to confirm that a payment has been made UNLESS you are without water service or if you pay your bill at a payment location NOT listed in the search engine below. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service center.

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