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There's a lot more to your water bill than just water.

When you stop to think about it, there’s a lot more to your water bill than just water.

Sure, it’s easy to see what it buys when you turn on the tap. What’s not so easy to see is everything that goes into bringing that water to your home. The pumps that draw it from the source. The plant where it’s treated and tested. The miles of pipeline that transport it. The scientists, engineers, and operations staff working day and night to make sure it’s there when you need it.

And all for only about a penny a gallon. But that’s not all your water bill buys.

Every time you make a water payment, you’re also helping build a better tomorrow—by working to keep water flowing for all of us - today and well into the future.

We’re Iowa American Water. We care about water. It’s what we do.

For more information, we created a bill insert to describe the value of water.

The Cost and Benefit of Water System Improvements

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Iowa American Water Launches Customer Education Program about the Value of Water Service

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In this summer of drought and record heat, Iowa American Water is launching a customer education program to raise awareness about the value of water service and how system improvements help ensure that water continues to flow today and tomorrow.

“As stewards of our region’s water system, we work hard to treat and deliver high-quality water service to our customers and make ongoing system improvements to ensure continued reliable service now and in the future,” said Randy Moore, president of Iowa American Water, the state’s largest investor-owned water utility. “The nation’s aging water systems are in urgent need of repair. Through this education initiative, we’re hoping to help customers better understand all that we do to provide them with reliable water service as well as highlight the important role they play in helping to support critical water system improvements by simply paying their water bills.”  

The company’s consumer education program will be seen in multiple venues, social media channels and community events from August through November. Iowa American Water representatives will be participating in more than a dozen community events, including the Davenport Parks and Recreation Department’s Back to School Fiesta and upcoming Quad City River Bandits games.

With 12 states including Iowa experiencing droughts this summer, there couldn’t be a better time to raise awareness about the value of water service and everything that is involved in its treatment and delivery to customers’ homes.

Customer research revealed that most consumers generally don’t think about the process or the people involved in delivering high-quality water service, much less about the continuous system maintenance and upgrades that are needed to ensure that water service is available for home use, businesses, agriculture, and fire protection for the community.

“Iowa American Water has proactively invested about $15 million in water system improvements at its treatment facilities and in its distribution systems in the last two years, and those investments prove their value every day--especially now during these extraordinary conditions,” said Moore. “From replacing water mains, pipelines, and hydrants, to installing advanced metering technology that helps reduce water leaks, to enhancing our treatment capabilities that improve efficiency and reliability, the investments we’ve made help ensure that we are well positioned to continue to meet customer and public safety needs in the communities that rely on us every day.”