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Rates Information

The Value of Water Service

Before it reaches your home or business, water is treated, stored and delivered through a complex process. Water begins its journey at the source -- rivers or wells -- and travels through sophisticated water treatment plants to its final destination, your tap. Along the way, our teams of certified operators, scientists and engineers use the latest technology to monitor the water's quality and progress. We test water quality frequently, using leading methods that we pioneered. Reliable high-quality water service improves our lives and communities by:

• Protecting public health
• Providing fire protection
• Creating opportunities for economic growth

Illinois American Water teams are dedicated to being responsible stewards of our communities' water and wastewater systems. We invest in needed system improvements and manage operating and maintenance costs to help ensure quality, reliable service now and in the future. 

How Rates are Set

Illinois American Water’s water and wastewater service rates are based on the true cost of providing quality, reliable service to customers. Rates also pay for the investment Illinois American Water makes to ensure reliability. While municipalities may subsidize the costs of providing service through taxes, fees and other revenue sources, our rates reflect the true cost of providing high-quality water and reliable wastewater service. Our true-cost pricing model is endorsed by the Environmental Protection Agency, Metropolitan Planning Council, the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning and the National Association of Water Companies.

Illinois American Water is regulated by the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC). The only way that Illinois American Water can adjust base rates is with the approval of the ICC. The process before the ICC is a transparent process that lasts about 11 months and requires thousands of pages of documents to justify the request. New rates will not go into effect until they are approved by the ICC. Customers will have an opportunity to share their views with the ICC through public meetings or by posting comments on the ICC web site.

Your Rates

On Jan. 21, 2016, Illinois American Water filed a request with the ICC to increase its base rates to reflect approximately $425 million in investments that are not reflected in current water and wastewater rates.  This request is being communicated with our customers through bill inserts. To view these documents please click on the appropriate links below.

The below documents are a summary of system improvements and an explanation of the rate request.

Notice of Proposed Change in Scheduled Rates (non-Chicago)

Notice of Proposed Change in Scheduled Rates – Chicago Metro

Until the ICC makes a final decision on our request, your base rates will remain the same – nothing changes.  Current water and wastewater rates, which were approved by the ICC and put into effect on October 1, 2012, are posted below.

Alton, Cairo, and Interurban

Champaign County

Chicago Wastewater

Chicago Water





South Beloit



Illinois American Water - Rules and Regulations and Water Tariffs

Administrative Code Part 280 Rules Implementation Checklist

Administrative Code Part 280 Rules Implementation Checklist

Ensuring Quality Infrastructure

Illinois American Water is dedicated to ensuring your local water system continues to provide reliable, high quality water service. That includes making timely investments in our water distribution systems. Our Quality Infrastructure Program helps us to replace and update aging infrastructure on a timely basis.

The following communication pieces are attached if you would like more information about the Quality Infrastructure Program.

Ensuring Quality Infrastructure bill insert

Our Customer Rights and Responsibilities Brochure outlines our commitment to provide top quality service to you, every day. The ICC has also created a Customer Bill of Rights for Illinois Water and Sewer Customers.


*A typical Illinois American Water water service customer uses 4,500 gallons a month.