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Solutions for System Challenges

We are proud to work with communities all over the United States to provide them with high-quality water and wastewater services.

Though our business is complex, in simple terms, we have two types of operations — those in which we own the assets - our regulated operations - and those in which we manage assets and provide water and wastewater services for a municipality or other entity - our market-based operations. We principally serve residential homes and businesses, we also perform non-regulated contract operations for municipalities that own their utility systems.  Additionally, American Water develops and implements solutions to help meet our country’s many water supply challenges.

If you are looking for help with a new or existing water or wastewater system, contact Illinois American Water’s Business Development Manager, Bob Johnson, at

What about those against privatization?

As a community leader, it isn't uncommon to hear from groups or individuals with their own agendas.  Similarly, water activists are unfortunately trying to take down private water operators with false and purposefully misleading information. These critics don’t understand the important role water companies play in towns and cities all across the country. Instead of offering communities real solutions to meet their water needs, these activist groups push false narratives and ideological arguments with distorted evidence and partial timelines. Learn more by clicking here

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