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Frequently Asked Questions about Pennsylvania American Water

How many customers does Pennsylvania American Water serve?

We are the largest regulated water and wastewater service provider in Pennsylvania. We serve:

  • 650,000 water customers (connections)
    • 92% are residential customers
    • 7% are commercial customers¬†
    • 1% are institutional or other customers
  • 24,000 wastewater customers
  • Population served: Approximately 2.3 million
  • Communities served: Approximately 400 in 36 counties. View our service area map.

How many people does Pennsylvania American Water employ?

We employ approximately 1,000 people across the state

How many facilities are in the Pennsylvania American Water system?

  • 36 water treatment plants
  • 16 wastewater plants
  • 101 groundwater well entry points
  • We treat and deliver approximately 193 million gallons of water each day
  • We maintain over 10,242 miles of pipe throughout the state

What is the source of supply for Pennsylvania American Water?

  • 92% surface water
  • 7% wells
  • 1% purchased