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LineSaver® Service Line Protection Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the LineSaver Program?

A: The LineSaver Program helps protect homeowners from the high costs of water line, sewer line, and in-home plumbing repairs due to normal wear and tear, that occur in the homeowner owned portion of service lines. Homeowners insurance generally does not cover these expensive types of repairs – nor will your municipal utility. The City of Burlington is recommending LineSaver, because they believe this program will benefit residents in the community.

Q: Is LineSaver a Burlington WaterWorks program?

A: LineSaver is fully managed by American Water Resources, a subsidiary of the largest investor-owned provider of water and wastewater services in the United States.

Q: Is LineSaver an insurance program?

A: No, LineSaver Service Line Protection Programs are service contracts designed to provide peace of mind protection for homeowners and cover the costs of repairs for water line, sewer line, and in-home plumbing problems. There are no claim forms to complete or submit and there are no deductibles for the homeowner.

Q: Is LineSaver a new program?

A: The unique water line, sewer line, and in-home plumbing protection programs that are at the heart of LineSaver have been tested and proven in communities for ten years by American Water Resources. AWR’s team of experts currently manages and services over 750,000 service line protection contracts for homeowners across the country.

Q: Aren't repairs like this the responsibility of the municipality? Is this some new charge or fee for homeowners?

A: The municipal utility provider is not responsible for the maintenance of the lines that run across the homeowner’s property. You are responsible for the water line and the sewer line from the home to the main in the street. This is not a new charge or fee for homeowners. You have the option to enroll in these protection programs.

Q: Aren't repairs like this covered by a homeowners policy?

A: No, this is considered a normal home maintenance expense and most homeowners’ policies don't cover those costs.

Q: Who is eligible for LineSaver programs?

A: All residential homeowners are eligible at this time. No pre-enrollment inspection is required. Only property owners – not tenants- can enroll in LineSaver Programs.

Q: What is covered by LineSaver?

A: Leaks or breaks in the customer owned portion of the water line (up to $8,000 per occurrence) and clogs and blockages in the customer owned portion of the sewer line (up to $10,000 per occurrence) between the home and the main in the street. The In-Home Plumbing Emergency Protection Program covers leaks and breaks of the internal water supply system and clogs and blocks of internal wastewater system due to normal wear and tear up to $3,000 per occurrence ($1,500 per occurrence for water lines and $1,500 for wastewater lines).

Q: Who will repair the water line or sewer line for the homeowner?

A: A Burlington licensed, and insured professional plumbing contractor or drain cleaner, dispatched from an American Water Resources network of approved local contractors, will complete all the repairs.

Q: Can't the homeowner just hire someone to make any repairs if they are needed, or do the repairs themselves?

A: As all repairs have to meet local and state regulations, it is recommended that only licensed, professional contractors complete repairs for the safety and welfare of the entire community. That's why American Water Resources only works with qualified local contractors who know the codes and can make the repairs quickly and cost effectively.

Q: How do homeowners pay for LineSaver?

A: The cost to homeowners is a modest annual fee. Homeowners can pay via check or credit card or monthly credit card installments.

Q: Will LineSaver cover the costs of landscaping repairs?

A: Basic site restoration including filling in, raking, reseeding, and street repair/paving if applicable, is covered.

Additional questions or to enroll, call 1-888-207-5997.