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Welcome to Virginia American Water’s Alexandria Page


Virginia American Water will be billing monthly for customers in the Alexandria area. Monthly billing allows you to receive more frequent and timely information about your water usage, and it can help you to detect leaks sooner. Detecting leaks early saves water and money! Learn more...

About Your Water System

We provide water service to approximately 26,000 residents and businesses in the City of Alexandria. While we own and operate the distribution system, we buy the water already treated from Fairfax Water. The source of your water is the Potomac River and Occoquan Reservoir. The water is disinfected with chloramines, which is a mix of chlorine and ammonia. Chloramine is a very effective disinfectant that does not have a strong bleach taste or smell, and produces fewer by-products than free chlorine. Each spring when we flush the lines to remove sediment and test hydrants, Fairfax Water switches disinfectant to free chlorine for a few weeks, which helps clean the system, but has a stronger bleach taste and odor.

Investments in Your System

Every year, we invest in Alexandria’s water infrastructure to replace and repair aging pipes and valves. In 2013, we invested more than $4 million throughout the state, which included main replacements on Henry Street, Naylor Place, Fox Chase and Columbus Streets. Investments are made in order of priority –starting with some of the oldest or problematic pipes, and working our way from there. Main breaks will continue to occur, as we work to replace the City’s century-old system. While they can be an inconvenience, we do our best to identify and repair them as quickly as we can, with as little disruption to your daily routine as possible. You may review our main break FAQs for more information.

Despite all the investments to maintain and replace the system, your water is still a great value, at just about a penny per gallon. We’re such strong believers in the value of water, that our parent company, American Water, is a partner in the Value of Water Coalition, a group of leading organizations responsible for ensuring the safety, reliability and sustainability of our nation’s water. Together, we have launched a new campaign to inform Americans about the value of water and the challenges facing our water infrastructure. Read more about the campaign at

Your Wastewater Service

Wastewater service is provided to Alexandria by Alexandria Renew Enterprises (formerly known as Alexandria Sanitation Authority). You are billed separately for your wastewater service, from ARE directly.

Your Water Bill

Do you have questions about the various charges on your water bill and what they mean? "How to Read Your Bill" provides the answers.