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Safety is a core value at American Water.  It goes beyond a priority and is simply how we choose to do our work.  Safety as a value is something that all employees have in common.  Our goal is zero accidents and injuries and the premise is simple:

Safety at American Water will not be compromised for speed, customer convenience or profit.  

At American Water, safety goes beyond measuring accident and injury rates, but instead focuses on lowering or reducing exposures in the workplace that can lead to injuries.  By continuously evaluating and acting on identified hazards and exposures, and more importantly reducing or eliminating them from our work environment, our employees will go home each night to their families, friends and loved ones and return the next day to their coworkers.  

Safety is not limited to the workplace.  American Water also recognizes that off the job safety is also critical to the well-being of our employees.   An injury, whether at work or home can have similar consequences for our employees and their families.  We also recognize that the safety of our contractors is important; not only for themselves, but for American Water employees and the public we serve.

The Company has implemented several programs that underscore the Company Safety Vision.  One of our key beliefs is that exposures that can result in injury be corrected before an injury occurs.  Towards this end we have implemented a Near Miss reporting program.  Every single employee is encouraged to report safety near misses without fear of reprisal.  These near miss reports are investigated, corrective actions are applied and critical information is shared across the company so that other employees can benefit from the knowledge gained.

We also extend safety to our contractors.  As we further develop safety practices and requirements, we extend these to our contractors.  If we have identified something as a risk to our employees, it only makes sense that we also require our contractors to perform in a similar, safe manner so that injuries are prevented.  Additionally, contractors who wish to work for American Water must go through a safety prequalification process before they are approved to work for the Company.  

These are just two examples of the safety programs we have in place that support our safety values.  We continuously strive for improvement and believe that zero accidents are possible.  We are confident that identifying safety issues, correcting unsafe conditions, communicating safety to all employees and continuously reducing exposures that can lead to injuries will assure our employees work injury free.  

Our approach to safety can be summed up in a simple way – Choose Safety.

We believe that Safety is not just something we have to do, we believe that Safety is something we choose to do every single day because as a value, that is how we work at American Water; for our employees and the customers we serve.