Date: December 09, 2020

Water Source Change in Somerset and Union Counties

In an effort to optimize the drinking water provided to our customers, New Jersey American Water has turned off several ground water facilities and will be using surface water facilities until further notice to serve customers in Green Brook, Warren, Watchung, Plainfield, North Plainfield, Fanwood, Scotch Plains and Mountainside.

The surface water is treated at the Raritan-Millstone and Canal Road Water Treatment Plants, which provide high-quality drinking water to more than 1 million people in our Central Operating region. Due to the change, customers may temporarily experience cloudy or discolored water, especially if using a home water softener, as this surface water supply is softer than the previous ground water supply. Customers who experience discolored water should run their cold water tap until its clear. Customers should also refrain from washing clothes while the water is discolored. With this change in your water source, customers who use a home water softener may need to adjust their settings or discontinue use of the softener. For guidance in changing these settings, the hardness for this new water source is approximately 100 to 130 mg/L, which is an average of 6 to 8 grains per gallon.

The ground water supply that was previously used to serve customers in these towns meets all current federal and state regulations. New Jersey American Water tests for more than 100 regulated contaminants and additionally tests for “emerging compounds” that are not currently regulated including a group of manmade chemicals called PFAs. All New Jersey American Water systems in operation currently meet the USEPA’s established interim health-based guidance levels. To meet more stringent NJDEP requirements that will become effective in January 2021, we are either adding treatment or changing sources of supply where needed. As a result, we removed from service the ground water stations that were supplying your drinking water and changed the source of your water to the Raritan River.