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Table of Contents
Preliminary Statement
Service Area Maps - Dunnigan
Service Area Maps - Monterey

Rate Schedules

Schedule SA - Active Sewer Service for Monterey County
Schedule SP - Passive Sewer Service for Monterey County
Schedule WW - Dunnigan
Schedule WW-LIRA - Low Income Ratepayer Assistance Program
Schedule WW-Fees- Late Payment, Reconnection and Facilities
Schedule UF
Contracts and Deviations

Assistance for Low-Income Customers Program

At California American Water, we believe fresh, clean water is a resource that should be made available to everyone. That is why we have developed the Assistance for Low-Income Customers Program to provide assistance to low-income families.


Rule No.1 – Definitions
Rule No. 2- Description of Service
Rule No. 3 - Application for Service
Rule No. 4– Contracts
Rule No. 5 - Special Information Required on Forms
Rule No. 6 - Establishment and Re-establishment of Credit
Rule No. 7 – Deposits
Rule No. 8 – Notices
Rule No. 9 - Rendering and Payment of Bills
Rule No. 10- Disputed Bills
Rule No. 11- Discontinuance and Restoration of Service
Rule No. 12- Information Available to Public
Rule No. 13- Temporary Service
Rule No. 14- Continuity of Service
Rule No. 15- Main Extensions
Rule No. 16- Service Connections, Meters and Customer's Facilities
Rule No. 17- Measurement of Service
Rule No. 18- Meter Tests and Adjustment of Bills for Meter Error
Rule No. 19 - Service to Separate Premises and Multiple Units, and Resale of Sewer Service
Rule No. 20 - Limitation on Wastes Discharged into the Utility's Sewer System
Rule No. 21- Commercial, Institutional and Industrial Wastes
Rule No. 22- Military Family Financial Relief Act

Sample Forms

Form No. 1 - Application for Sewer Service (49-S)
Form No. 2 - Customer's Deposit Receipt (50-S)
Form No. 3 - Bill for Service (51-S & 52-S)
Form No. 4 - Main Extension Contract (53-S & 54-S)
Form No. 5 - Main Extension Contract - Individuals (55-S)

Current Decisions, Customer Notifications and Pending Applications

Advice Letters

You can find a list of Advice Letters submitted to the CPUC - Click Here