We are experts in water quality testing, compliance and treatment and have established and own industry-leading water testing facilities. Our technologically advanced water quality control and testing laboratory in Belleville, Ill. Is certified in 15 states and Puerto Rico. Our laboratories and other facilities perform more than 1 million water quality tests per year. We have achieved excellent compliance for meeting state and federal drinking water and wastewater standards for the past several years.

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Farmington, IL 

The sale of the City of Farmington’s water system to Illinois American Water made good sense for customers and the community. Illinois American Water committed to investing approximately $5 million in to Farmington’s water system within the first five years of ownership to improve both production and distribution systems, which will improve overall water quality.



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Haddonfield, NJ

The sale of Haddonfield’s water and wastewater system to New Jersey American Water will provide better quality, improved reliability and lower rates in the long-term to the residents of the community



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Ransom, IL 

Village wells were supplying poor quality drinking water and could not be utilized in the future without mitigation to eliminate high radium levels exceeding US EPA standards. Officials met with Illinois American Water to discuss options of constructing a new treatment system or an acquisition. They determined that through the selling of the system, Illinois American Water would be able to efficiently address water quality challenges and the US EPA consent decree.