At American Water, safety is not just a key strategic priority, it is a core value. We do not compromise safety for speed, convenience, or profit.

We take the responsibility of ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our customers and employees very seriously. In support of this, we have put enhanced programs into place, embedding safety measures into all areas of our business and engraining strong safety principles into the American Water way of working.

We track both leading and lagging indicators of safety. We continuously evaluate our safety programs and performance, improving our process and procedures to reduce exposures that can lead to injury or illness.

Over the past few years, we undertook a comprehensive look at employee safety, gaining feedback from our people through surveys, meetings and interviews for continuous improvement. It has resulted in new internal policies and goals, better “near-miss” reporting, and regular safety walks conducted by managers at all levels. On average more than 60,000 hours of safety training are given annually to our employees.

We will continue to invest resources in this important area.