Mobile Education Center

Illinois American Water’s environmental compliance and water quality team is taking its education outreach on the road with a new Mobile Education Center (MEC). The 18-foot learning center, which uses science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) related concepts, will offer hands-on experience by testing water through various lab tests. This two-page fact sheet provides information about the MEC and more. Several lessons shown below will also be available on topics like the water cycle, water quality, water conservation and the value of water. Lesson Plans.

Join Splash and learn about the value of water service through animated, educational videos. From the water cycle to water treatment and the importance of investing in our water and wastewater infrastructure, these videos make learning about water fun!

For more information about our Mobile Education Center only, contact Ryan Schuler at

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Water and You: Water Cycle

Our earth's water goes around and around. We call this the "water cycle." The water cycle moves water from the earth to the air and back to the earth again.

The Value of Water:

Water is essential to life! We invest in our systems to ensure high-quality reliable service to our customers for today and in the future.

Water Conservation:

We use water every day. We use it to bathe, cook, clean, drink and have fun! Water is a precious resource. Use it wisely.

Water and You: Water Treatment

Our water experts test and monitor water throughout the treatment process. We often provide water service that is better than what the government requires.

Plant to Tap:

We treat and deliver a reliable supply of drinking water to customers 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year!