We have had the opportunity to work with communities of all sizes, all over the country. Here are just a few recent testimonials from city officials we have worked with.

“After careful and thoughtful consideration of the current and future challenges of Grafton’s ongoing operation of its water utility, the Council unanimously agreed that the residents of Grafton will be best served by the sale to Illinois American Water.” - Tom Thompson, Grafton Mayor said of Illinois American Water's purchase of the Grafton water system

"Public-Private Partnerships find innovative solutions to challenges and reduce costs. We expect a significant cost savings of about 18 million in operations over a 25 year period." American Water is a reliable provider of high-quality water."

"In the mid and late nineties, the Tolt facility was the largest of its kind being constructed. We have been very pleased with the team from American Water working on the Tolt." - Elizabeth Kelly, Seattle Public Utilities, Seattle Washington

"American Water staff is very capable and dedicated to delivering high-quality water and American Water is a critical partner that listens and responds." - Dave Hilmoe, Seattle Public Utilities, Seattle Washington

“American Water has such a broad range of experience in the water industry that solutions come easy to them. It’s been my experience in the past ten years as Chairman that there isn’t an issue for our system that they can’t tap into their expertise and solve.” - Gary Fabian, Chairman, Meadville Area Water Authority, Pennsylvania

“Our maintenance and service contract exceeded our expectations in every respect. We saw improvements in every area of the utility: water and wastewater treatment plant efficiency, meter replacement, leak detection, service line replacement, fleet management programs, sanitary sewer system collection operations, financial reporting and analysis, internal controls, and employee benefits and morale. In addition, a public education campaign allowed us to adjust rates by 62% without one dissenting vote and very little negative public comment. Pineville Utility Commission highly recommends a partnership with American Water.” - John E. Jones, Chair, Pineville Utility Commission, Pineville, Kentucky

"Entering into a contract with American Water Enterprises has been a very positive move for our town. Operating a water and wastewater system in a small town is very challenging. American Water brings us expertise that we otherwise might not have." - Richard Canipe, Town Manager, Spruce Pine, North Carolina

“This is a highly successful partnership. We avoided cost escalation, treatment risks and obtained excellent operator expertise by engaging in a public-private partnership with American Water.” - Bert Rapp, Public Works Director of Fillmore, California