Service Line Information and Specification drawings


New Services – smaller than 3"

New small services process

New Services Workbook smaller than 3" Revised 7/28/2022

New Services Workbook smaller than 3" instructions

Eureka Wastewater Application

New Services – 3” and larger

New Large Service Process Revised 1/10/22
New Large Service Application Checklist Revised 1/10/22


Service/Tap termination process

St Louis County Municipality Contract Agreement Matrix

Application for Special Connection

Application for Special Connection Terms and Conditions

DNR Data Form

Meter box specifications

Meterbox .75 to 1.5 services
Meterbox .75 to 2.5 inch tap hole
Meterbox 1.5 to 2 inch
Meterbox 12 inch
Meterbox 2 inch split service
Meterbox 3 inch and up tap hole
Meterbox 3 to 8 inch
Meterbox detector 10 inch and up
Meterbox detector by pass 2 inch
Meterbox detector by pass 4 inch and larger
Meterbox detector check 2 inch
Meterbox detector check 4, 6 and 8 inch
Meterbox fireflow service Revised 07/08/2022
Meterbox insulated flange mb 001
Meterbox residential service line
Meterbox service line blocking
Meterbox split service
Meterbox01 Disclaimer

Service line specifications

Services attached residences with fire
Services domestic tap information
Services fire and domestic separate boxes
Services fire only
Services fireflow 1
Services looped fireflow
Services looped master service
Services master split service
Services multi family multi level
Services residential domestic and fire
Services split service one box
Services split service 2 boxes domestic fire
Services split service 2 boxes domestic irrigation
Services split service 3 boxes domestic fire irrigation