Water and Sewer rates are regulated by the Missouri Public Service Commission. These rates are based on the actual costs of water treatment and delivery, and sewer collection and treatment. 

To establish new rates, MAWC files an application with the Public Service Commission. This begins an 11 month process known as a “rate case.” Missouri PSC Staff and other parties study and evaluate the appropriateness of MAWC’s costs of construction, maintenance, operation, administration and financing. Once the studies are complete, MAWC, PSC Staff, and other parties present any differing conclusions before the Public Service Commission. After evaluating all the evidence over 11 months, the Public Service Commission issues a final decision establishing rates they deem just and reasonable. 

Rates can vary based on the cost of providing service in each of the communities we serve. Before it reaches your home or business, water is treated through an intricate treating and testing process to help ensure it meets or surpasses rigorous drinking water quality standards.

Missouri American Water Submits Rate Review Request to Missouri Public Service Commission

On June 30, 2020, Missouri American Water filed an application with the Missouri Public Service Commission (MoPSC) requesting a review of water and sewer rates to recover investments associated with providing safe, clean, and reliable water and sewer service for the more than 200 communities we serve throughout the state. Customer rates will not change until the Missouri Public Service Commission reviews the request and establishes new rates. The rates approved by the MoPSC may be different than the company’s proposed rates. Any newly approved rates will not go into effect until mid-2021.

Customers may also submit questions via email to


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