Reservoir Project Update

Shoal Creek MOAW Reservoir Project

In 2019, Missouri American Water finalized site selection for an off-stream water reservoir to supplement water supply for customers in the Joplin area. The site is approximately 1,100 acres of land in Newton County. Capacity of the reservoir upon its completion is about 8 billion gallons of water and will include a new dam and pumping facilities. The reservoir will alleviate pressure on the Ozark Aquifer, which has experienced declining water levels.

The permitting process with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and other regulatory agencies began shortly after site selection. The project is beginning the field investigation phase in spring 2021 to assess geotechnical and environmental conditions of the site. The results of these investigations will be used to verify the site’s ability to support a dam and water reservoir and will also provide information on the impacts to plant and animal life.

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For the most recent project map of the reservoir site, click on the following link.