Conservation is a key focus for New York American Water customers that live on Long Island. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation established a goal for all Long Island water suppliers to reduce peak season water demand by 15 percent by 2021 to help ensure the long-term sustainability of Long Island's sole source aquifer. Of course, conserving our natural resources is an important practice, no matter where you live.

Check out the tips, tools and technology in our H2O Control Toolbox to help you conserve water and save money on your bill.


We’re offering tools to help you reduce your water usage and save money.

  • NEW! Advanced Metering Infrastructure: Understanding when you use the most water can help you identify ways to save. AMI smart meters provide near real-time water usage data to empower customers to make informed decisions for their household. Learn more!
  • Rachio 3 Smart Irrigation Controller Incentive Program: New York American Water customers that installed a Rachio saved on average 30% on their water usage in summer 2019! PURCHASE TODAY. If you are located in our Long Island service areas and used more than 15,000 Rachio%2520Snip-resize217x157 gallons of water in any month during the summer of 2017 through 2019 (May-September), you may be eligible to receive a smart irrigation controller (valued at $230+) for just $99, plus tax. We’re offering this smart irrigation controller incentive program on a first-come, first-serve basis to help approximately 4,200 residential customers. Limited to one controller per customer account. For questions, email nyamwater@rachio.com. Check out what our customers are saying about their Rachio.
  • Improved Customer Portal (MyWater): Login or register to our customer portal and you will be able to see your monthly usage for the last three years and comparisons of your current usage to your neighborhood.
  • Mid-Cycle Water Usage Alerts: Mid-cycle water usage notifications on MyWater, our online self-service customer portal, allows you to take control of your water use. If your water use is high, it will give you time to reduce your use so that you can save water and money on your next bill.
  • Irrigation Mobile App: Mobile web application that uses location-specific climate data and your reported irrigation habits to recommend tailored watering frequencies for your lawn. It also helps you follow the Nassau County Odd-Even Irrigation Ordinance. Access via lawnwatering.org/nyamwater and download to your smartphone.  
  • Water Use Calculator: To use less water, it’s helpful to know how much you’re using and where. Check out our online Water Use Calculator to find out! This new tool allows you to input water use information specific to your household and offers tips on where you can save water and energy based on that data. 
  • Indoor Water Savings Retrofit Kits: Our indoor conservation kit includes a water efficient showerhead, aerators, toilet tank bank and leak detection tabs. Our Leak Detection Guide provides tips on detecting common and not-so-common indoor and outdoor leaks. Interested? Email infony@amwater.com. Let us know which kit(s) you’d like, and include your mailing address and phone number. Indoor conservation kits limited to two per household.
  • Participate in our Irrigation Home Assessment for Residential Customers: Receive an Irrigation Home Assessment at no cost (limited to 100 high water use residential customers). To be eligible, you must have an automated sprinkler system and used more than 15,000 gallons of water per month during the 2018 summer months. Visit New York American Water's personalized Rachio website. For questions, email nyamwater@rachio.com. 

Enroll in MyWater

In addition to managing your account, you can view up to two years’ worth of water usage data on MyWater already. Understanding when you use the most water can help you identify ways to save. Not enrolled? Visit amwater.com/myaccount . Be sure to have your account number handy.


Outdoor watering is one of the biggest culprits of high water use during the summer months. Take steps to avoid over watering:

  • Skip A Day! This summer consider watering your lawn one less day per week. It can save thousands of gallons of water and lead to a healthier lawn (over watering could lead to shallow roots). If you currently water your lawn 3-4 times a week – skipping a day could save you as much as 15 to 30 percent on your usage charges.
  • Set a Goal to Reduce. Reduce your usage by 2,000 gallons per month and save!
Looking for more tips, take a look at the Spring Turn On Tips fact sheet and the Wise Water Use and Detecting Leaks pages for plenty of indoor and outdoor water-saving tips.