September 30, 2020

Illinois American Water is Reminding Customers about Customer Assistance Program and Payment Plans

Customers with a past due balance need to contact utility immediately to prevent service interruption

Belleville, Ill. (September 30, 2020) – Illinois American Water is reminding customers of the company’s customer assistance program H2O Help to Others and available payment plans.  Customers who are behind in payment should call 800-422-2782 as soon as possible to discuss options.

“We want to help our customers who are experiencing a hardship.  Financial assistance is available, as are payment plans and an extended moratorium on shutoffs for low income customers and those experiencing financial hardship. All our customers need to do is give us a call,” said Vice President of Operations Elizabeth Matthews.

In March, American Water voluntarily placed a moratorium on customer accounts to prevent shut off for non-payment and late fees for late payments.  The company also reinstated service for customers who were previously shut off for nonpayment.  An Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) order approved in June allowed for the reinstatement of utility procedures for nonpayment and late payments at the end of July.  Illinois American Water is holding off on reinstating shut off procedures until Oct. 1.  The company is also extending the moratorium on shutoffs for low income customers and those experiencing a financial hardship.

Matthews said, “As utilities comply with the ICC’s agreement and begin normal practices for nonpayment, we want to be sure it doesn’t take our customers by surprise. It’s important they receive the assistance they need to avoid an interruption in their service. Customers need to reach out to us immediately.  Time is of the essence.”

To assist customers Illinois American Water has implemented flexible payment plans and payment options.  More information about these plans are available online at under Customer Service & Billing in the Customer Assistance Program section.  The company also offers budget billing so residential customers can pay a fixed monthly payment over a period of 12 months. 

In addition, Illinois American Water’s H2O Help to Others program offers financial assistance to residential customers in need.  The program is offered to Illinois American Water customers and is administered by Salvation Army agencies within the company’s service area.  Information can also be found online at under Customer Service & Billing in the Customer Assistance Program section. 

The guidelines of the H2O Help to Others program allow customers who have experienced a financial hardship to apply for assistance of up to $200, regardless of income.  Assistance of over $200 is also available in extenuating circumstances. 

Matthews explained, “Our customer assistance program is not based on income to ensure it is inclusive for all of our customers who may be experiencing hardship.  It’s important we do what we can to help our customers – our friends and neighbors.”

Matthews stresses customers need to call so the company knows they are in need.  Customers with a past due balance should call 800-422-2782 to avoid their service being shut off.  If customers currently aren’t experiencing a hardship, but their situation changes in the coming months, they should also call the utility immediately. 

“We remain committed to our customers today and in the future.  Our assistance programs are there to help our customers when they need it most,” said Matthews.

For more information about the H2O Help to Others program customers can visit under Customer Service & Billing in the Customer Assistance Program section.  Full link here -

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