Mountaineer Gas Outage Claims

Frequently Asked Questions

West Virginia American Water customers that were impacted by the Mountaineer Gas Company outage may be eligible for financial assistance.

What is the deadline to submit a claim?

For the past three months West Virginia American Water has processed hundreds of claims submitted by those affected by the Mountaineer Gas Company outage. This claims process will officially be closing on Friday, March 8, 2024.

How can I submit a claim?

Beginning on Wednesday, December 6 at 8:00 a.m., customers will be able to call our claim administrator, Constitution State Services, to file a household claim. Customers making a household claim can contact our claims administrator, Constitution State Services, at 1-800-243-2490 to speak with a dedicated claims intake representative from 8:00 am-7:30 pm, Monday through Friday. Please mention that you’re calling related to the Mountaineer Gas outage and be ready to provide your name, address and contact information. Within 24-48 hours, customers will receive a call back from a claims handler to process all verification documents.

Is there a location where I can speak with a claims administrator in person?

Beginning on Monday, December 11 at 8:00 a.m., and for a limited time, customers will have an in-person location to speak with a claims handler and provide documentation for their household claim. For a limited time, customers can visit the West Virginia American Water office located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Charleston, WV 25302 to speak with a claims handler on December 11 through December 15 from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. If visiting in person, please be sure to bring all verification documents.

What documents do I need to verify my claim?

Customers should be prepared to provide identification, receipts for out-of-pocket expenses and a copy of their Mountaineer Gas bill or proof of residency. As claims handlers review customer information, additional information may be required. You will need to sign a partial release to receive payment of your claim. Customers will be asked to complete a claims verification form, as well as a release agreement.

Please note: The release potentially covers specific claims for annoyance, inconvenience and out-of-pocket expenses.  Future claims for example property damage, personal injury, or lost wages are not released. The release does not prohibit future claims against other parties involved in this outage. By providing the partial release for review, individuals can understand what they are releasing and make an informed choice regarding taking part in the claims process.

The company has offered to resolve part of individual claims with potential payment that is prompt and not reduced by attorney fees.

How much money will I receive for my claim?

A. Pending review by claims handlers, customer households may be eligible for up to $2,000 for annoyance and inconvenience from loss of use of gas appliances and out-of-pocket expenses from that loss of use.

Gas Outages (select one):

  • Gas outage lasting 1-6 days: $300
  • Gas outage lasting 7-13 days: $500
  • Gas outage 14 days or longer: $700

Additional Compensation for Appliance Outages (select up to three):

  • If the gas outage resulted in the loss of gas heat:  $400
  • If the gas outage resulted in the loss of gas hot water:  $300
  • If the gas outage resulted in the loss of gas kitchen appliances: $200 

Out-Of-Pocket Expenses (select one):

  • Up to $400 with receipts
  • $100 without receipts

How long will it take to receive my claims check once approved?

Each claim will be different depending on the information needed for processing. Claims handlers will be able to provide an estimated timeline to individual customers. Customers can choose to receive their payment by check (mailed), e-pay or Zelle.

Who is eligible to file a claim?

West Virginia American Water customers that were impacted by the Mountaineer Gas outage on Charleston's West Side are eligible to file a claim. The current claims program is open to residential claimants only. Customers who rent their home are eligible to file a claim.

Are businesses eligible to file a claim?

West Virginia American Water’s current claims program for customers impacted by the Mountaineer Gas outage on Charleston’s West Side is for residential claimants only.  Businesses are welcome to provide information to our claims handlers on what they may be seeking in a potential claim. If the claims program is extended to cover the claims of businesses in the future then these businesses will be contacted about that program expansion. The company is focused on the residential claims process at this time.

Why is West Virginia American Water providing compensation to customers impacted by the Mountaineer Gas outage?

West Virginia American Water continues to reiterate that any speculation on the cause of its water main break or the Mountaineer Gas outage is premature until an investigation is complete. The company will fully cooperate with the Public Service Commission in its general investigation to determine the cause. Regardless of the cause, West Virginia American Water understands that our customers were inconvenienced by the Mountaineer Gas outage. Now that the gas restoration is mostly complete, we are working individually with our customers on the West Side to provide a process to seek claims for losses they may have incurred above and beyond the appliance replacement and repair Mountaineer Gas has committed to providing. Customers have been directly contacted via mail, email, text message and/or phone call regarding this process, and we will work diligently with each customer to assess their needs and provide compensation.


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