West Virginia American Water Welcome Jefferson Utilities


We'd like to extend a warm welcome to our new customers in Jefferson, Berkeley and Morgan counties. We're proud to be your water and wastewater service provider. Please review the frequently asked questions below. We also invite you to explore our website for additional information about our community engagement, water quality reports, environmental stewardship and more. It's our privilege to help keep your life flowing.


When will Jefferson Utilities customers become customers of West Virginia American Water?

Jefferson Utilities, Inc. Valley Water and Sewer, Cave Road Water & Wastewater, Shenandoah Junction Wastewater and East Jefferson Wastewater customers will become customers of West Virginia American Water on Monday, October 2.


Who should Jefferson Utilities customers call if they have a customer service need?

Beginning on Monday, October 2, customers can call 1-800-685-8660 for customer service needs. Once customers receive their first bill, they are encouraged to visit amwater.com/mywater to establish a MyWater account. Most customer service needs, including bill pay, scheduling a service appointment and reporting an outage, can be accomplished through MyWater.


What is the anticipated rate change for Jefferson Utilities customers?

As part of the acquisition, the Public Service Commission of West Virginia approved customer rates as listed in the table below:

Utility New Minimum Water Charge New Minimum Wastewater Charge
Jefferson Utilities, Inc. $36.05  
Valley Water & Sewer $36.41  
Cave Road Water & Wastewater $31.68 $46.55
Shenandoah Junction Wastewater   $48.16
East Jeferson Wastewater   $43.34


How will the billing transition work for customers?

Customers first bill received in early October will be based on meter readings from August 25 to September 25 as Jefferson Utilities customers. As such, Jefferson Utilities rates are reflected on this bill. Payment for this bill should be sent to West Virginia American Water as indicated on the bill.

Beginning in late October, customers will receive a second bill from West Virginia American Water with a blend of Jefferson Utilities rates and West Virginia American Water rates based on meter readings from September 25 to the end of October. This blended rate reflects the rate change that occurs on the acquisition date of October 2, 2023.

Beginning with the November meter reading, all customer bills received from West Virginia American Water will be issued at West Virginia American Water rates as set by the Public Service Commission of West Virginia (see table above).


Can I continue to pay my bill at the Jefferson Utilities office?

Jefferson Utilities will not be accepting payments on behalf of West Virginia American Water. If you prefer to pay in person, West Virginia American Water has agreements with authorized payment locations in your area:

  • City National Bank: Ranson, Inwood, Charles Town and all Martinsburg locations
  • Walmart: Charles Town and all Martinsburg locations
  • Weis Market: Ranson and all Martinsburg locations

For a complete listing of payment locations, please click here to visit our bill payment page.


How can I find assistance paying my water and/or wastewater bill?

West Virginia American Water offers a variety of customer assistance programs including budget billing, installment plans, one-time assistance grants and discount programs for customers that qualify. For specific qualifications on each customer assistance program, please click here to visit our customer assistance page.


Will my ACH/EFT payment arrangement from Jefferson Utilities transfer to West Virginia American Water?

No. Customers that are interested in ACH or autopay can enroll at amwater.com/mywater. Additionally, customers on ACH or autopay are encouraged to sign up for paperless billing!


How will I be notified in the event of a water service outage or emergency?

West Virginia American Water does not rely on social media to post water service outage or emergency information. In the event of an emergency, we use a notification system to quickly alert customers via phone, text and email. Visit amwater.com/mywater to choose how you want to be notified and update your contact information. You can also report an emergency online or through the MyWater customer portal, 24/7. Notifications are also posted here on our website.