Understanding Your Bill

The service charge on your bill allows the company to recover a portion of fixed costs necessary to provide customers with access to service. Power, chemicals, maintenance, rent, customer service, and administrative service expenses are examples of these costs.

Today, Hawaii American Water’s residential customers are billed a flat rate. However, the bill for commercial customers is based on the volume of water they consume as measured by a water meter at the service location.

Payment is due upon receipt of the billing statement and is past due 31 days from the billing date. After 37 days, a late fee of .5% will apply. All returned payments will incur a $15.00 surcharge.

For residential customers, your sewer bill is a flat service charge.   For commercial customers, your bill is based on your water consumption.  On your bill, you will see find the following:

  • Upper portion detaches to return with your payment.
  • Upper portion shows date billed, date due, and amount due.
  • For your records, the bottom portion includes:
    • Service address
    • Due date
    • How to reach us
    • Account summary