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View our Customer Advisory Map to see if there is an active service alert impacting your area. At the top left of the map, you can search for your service address. You'll be able to view current outages or alerts. You will also find an estimated time for restoration of normal service for each outage.

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Spring into Spring

5 Ways to Conserve
See what you can SAVE
Q: What kind of pitcher throws no balls, no strikes, and saves you money?
A: A pitcher of water.


Re-use pasta cooking liquid after it has cooled to water plants or yard.
When giving your dog a bath outside, take them in dead spots or spots you missed watering.
Defrost food items in the fridge overnight instead of running them under hot water.
If you can, use a laundry line to air dry instead of using the dryer. Using less electricity saves water too!

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