California American Water’s Aquifer Storage and Recovery Program Bolsters Community's Water Supply

Pacific Grove, Calif. (February 21, 2024) Building upon over two decades of success, California American Water continues its Aquifer Storage and Recovery program during the rainy season to capture and store excess water for use during periods of drought.

This innovative initiative captures excess winter flows from the Carmel River, strategically replenishing underground aquifers. ASR is made possible by a well, pump and booster station network along the Carmel River and the award-winning parallel pipeline and booster project California American Water installed along General Jim Moore Boulevard to transport ASR water.

"Being prepared benefits our customers and the communities we serve," said Mike Magretto, Operations Manager for California American Water in Pacific Grove. “Our team works around the clock to monitor our infrastructure and helps ensure that we capture and store as much water as possible for later use.”

As mandated by the state, California American Water’s ASR program only captures excess Carmel River flows during heavy rainfall. With increasing periods of drought, the opportunity for ASR recharge can be irregular. By combining the ASR program with water recycling and the approved desalination project, the company is constructing a diversified and resilient water portfolio to better serve the community.

Since ASR commenced this season, California American Water has captured over 300 acre feet of water and injected it into our basin for future use.

“We work collaboratively with our partner agencies who complement the great work being done with water level monitoring and water injection for later use,” said Kevin Tilden, President of California American Water. “Working together enables us to help ensure that between ASR, recycled water and desalination that we can provide the water the community needs.”

Despite recent rainfall, water conservation remains crucial in California, as the state prepares for potential future droughts.

California American Water, a subsidiary of American Water (NYSE: AWK), provides high-quality and reliable water and wastewater services to more than 725,000 people. Information regarding California American Water’s service areas can be found on the company’s website

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