This Customer Bill Calculator is an online service made available by California American Water for customer convenience and is intended for estimation purposes ONLY. The calculations are not intended to be relied upon and should not be deemed to be a replacement for an actual utility bill. These calculators only apply to single-family residences, non-residential premises and excludes Residential Fire Sprinkler Service customers.

All examples are hypothetical and are for illustrative purposes, as rates change frequently and taxes vary based on city and county. As a result, your actual bill may vary from the calculator.

Please contact California American Water should you have any questions regarding this calculator or your utility bill at 888-237-1333

1) Select your Customer class from the drop-down.
2) Select your District from the drop-down.
3) Select your Meter Size(s) from the drop-down.
4) Enter your estimated water consumption (CGL).
5) Select "Yes" from the drop-down, if you receive CAP (Customer Assistance Program).
6) Select your Division if you are a Non-Residential customer.
7) Select "Yes" if you receive Wastewater Service.
8) Select your Wastewater Service area.
9) View the "TOTAL BILL" line for your estimated bill amount.

To determine where to find your meter size and current month water usage, please see a sample bill below. 

Sac sample bill