Don’t Be Spooked! Desalination will Provide Reliable Water for Monterey Peninsula

Opposition’s scary tactics aim to confuse residents with misinformation

Monterey – (October 31, 2022) This Halloween, don’t let opponents of the Monterey Peninsula Water Supply Project (MPWSP) scare you with their trickery and spooky stories. Instead, let’s treat the region with a reliable water supply that is so desperately needed for drinking, housing and business. 

“Opponents to the MPWSP are doing their best to confuse and scare Monterey Peninsula residents, but the facts are the facts. We simply do not have an adequate water supply to meet the demand that our communities need,” said Ian Crooks, Vice President of Engineering at California American Water. “Rather than play tricks, it’s time to join together and look ahead to the future of the Monterey Peninsula.”

California American Water, the operator of the MPWSP, recently announced a phased approach to the project that would best suit the water needs of the community.

“The Monterey Peninsula has been in need of additional drought-proof, reliable water supplies for over 25 years,” said Crooks.  “Building the first phase of MPWSP will protect the Carmel River ecosystem and create a drought-proof new water supply for our service area.”

The MPWSP boasts many of the same attributes as a recently approved desalination project in Southern California, including extensive public engagement, state-of-the art technology and reduced impact to the coastline. Moreover, the MPWSP goes even further to reduce greenhouse gases, ensure low-income assistance programs and provide public access to the coastline around the project.


California American Water, a subsidiary of American Water (NYSE: AWK), provides high-quality and reliable water and wastewater services to more than 725,000 people. Information regarding California American Water’s service areas can be found on the company’s website

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