Iowa American Water Drops Helpful Tips for Customers During EPA’s Fix a Leak Week National Fix a Leak Week is March 20-26

Davenport, IA. (March 20, 2023) – Iowa American Water is dropping helpful tips to customers during the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Fix a Leak Week. Fix a Leak Week will be observed this week, March 20-26. The national campaign held by the EPA raises awareness about leaks and other water issues that contribute to water waste within homes and businesses.

“For Iowa American Water, this week is a time to encourage our customers to use water wisely. We focus on conservation and reducing water waste every day, but we want our customers to see wise water use can not only save money, but also help preserve water, a precious resource,” said Brad Nielsen, vice president of operations for Iowa American Water.

According to the EPA, the average residence in the U.S. loses 10,000 gallons of water per year thanks to seemingly minor leaks. With more than 110 million households in the U.S., this equates to more than one trillion gallons of water lost every year due to leaks in the home. It is estimated that the average homeowner can reduce their water bills by 10 percent by addressing leaks.

“Many people may not realize that even the smallest leaks can waste thousands of gallons per year, every drop adds up,” said Nielsen. “If every one of our Iowa customers fixed a household leak, they could contribute to millions of gallons of water saved in a year.”

Iowa American Water is committed to fixing leaks by replacing or upgrading infrastructure to support water quality, water pressure, system security and service reliability to customers. In 2022, Iowa American Water invested over $34 million in water and wastewater infrastructure improvements.

Iowa American Water also offers these tips for detecting leaks:

  • Check your Iowa American Water bill monthly. If the usage increases to above average and there was no change in your home size, there most likely is a leak.
  • Check your water meter at the start and end of a two-hour period during which no water is being used (i.e., when no one is home). If the meter changes, there most likely is a leak.
  • Test your toilet. Leaks can occur in your toilet. Test for one by putting a drop of food coloring into the toilet tank. After 10 minutes, if any color shows up in the bowl, you have a leak.
  • Check faucet gaskets - At least once a season- and especially after extreme temperature changes – check faucet gaskets and pipe fittings for surface leaks, indicated by water on the exterior of the pipes.
  • Check in-ground irrigation systems and hoses. Make sure they weren’t damaged by frost or freezing.
  • Listen. One of the simplest ways to watch out for leaks is to listen for dripping from your faucets or showerheads and running water from your toilet.

To further assist customers with at-home leak repairs and prevention, Iowa American Water has also produced a helpful infographic including tips on finding and fixing common, and some not-so-common, indoor, and outdoor water leaks. A downloadable leak detection kit is also available (in English and Spanish) through Iowa American Water’s website at under Water Information > Detecting Leaks.

Iowa American Water, a subsidiary of American Water (NYSE: AWK), is the largest investor-owned water utility in the state, providing high-quality and reliable water services to approximately 213,000 people. For more information, visit and follow Iowa American Water on Twitter and Facebook.

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