Iowa American Water Observes “National Drinking Water Week” by Encouraging Wise Water Use and Providing Source Water Protection Tips

Davenport, IA – (May 9, 2023) – Iowa American Water is observing National Drinking Water Week by encouraging wise water use and providing source water protection tips. National Drinking Water Week is observed May 7-13, 2023. The annual event is sponsored by the American Water Works Association.

Drinking Water Week is a great way to recognize the vital role tap water plays in everyone’s daily lives and the infrastructure necessary to treat and transport water from its source to customers’ taps.

“Safe, reliable drinking water is a key ingredient in our daily lives. Drinking Water Week is a great time for our customers to recommit to wise water use and discover ways to help protect our most precious resources for today and future generations,” said Brad Nielsen, vice president of operations for Iowa American Water.

Customers are encouraged to use wise water tips. For outdoor water use:

  • Reuse it. Use water from rain barrels and kiddie pools for watering lawn and gardens.
  • Embrace the bucket! Instead of using a running hose, use water contained in a bucket for washing cars and pets, and rinsing sandy/grassy feet.
  • Timing is everything. Only water during the coolest parts of the day (early morning or evening) to minimize evaporation. Watering during the middle of the day has potential to lose up to 30% due to evaporation.
  • Odd/Even Watering of your lawn. Watering your lawn uses a lot of water, so only water your lawn when it needs it. Generally, lawns only need an inch or so of water per week.
  • Use drip irrigation hoses to water your plants.
  • Consider using a broom instead of a hose. Using a broom eliminates the need for unused water to clear the sidewalk or patio.
  • Rain delay. Watch weather forecast to avoid “Mother Nature” re-watering your garden, which could also damage plants.
  • Pick your plants wisely. Purchase varieties that require less water and remain hearty in drier weather, and don’t forget to mulch (only 2-3”) to help with water retention.
  • Be a leak detective. Find and fix leaks and breaks in hoses, sprinkler systems and pipes. For help, download Iowa American Water’s Leak Detection Kit at under Water Information.
  • Raise the blade. Raise the level of your lawnmower blade to avoid lawn burnout and the need for watering.
  • Keep an eye out. Watch your sprinkler’s “sweep” to make sure all the water is reaching vegetation that needs it and not the pavement! Check this frequently in case a person or animal has accidentally redirected your sprinkler.

“Our efforts to deliver safe, reliable service to our customers is just as important as our customers participating in source water protection. Together we can all make a difference in protecting our water sources,” added Nielsen.

Customers can help protect source water by taking everyday actions such as:

  • Use and dispose of hazardous materials properly.
  • Think twice about lawn and garden chemicals.
  • Properly maintain septic systems.
  • Dispose of medications properly.
  • Volunteer for community watershed events.
  • Work with local water utilities to promote water protection.

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Customers can also find more information on source water protection here.

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