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New Jersey American Water Offers Outdoor Conservation Tips to Help Customers Save Water and Money this Summer

CAMDEN, N.J. – JUNE 21, 2023 – With temperatures steadily increasing and the first day of summer today, New Jersey American Water is offering tips to help customers reduce their water usage this season. These small but impactful actions are designed to help customers save money while alleviating stress on water supplies and infrastructure as we head into the summer months.

“Summer is officially here, and with it comes gardening, pool openings, car washing, outdoor cleaning, and many other activities that require lots of water,” said Thomas Shroba, vice president of operations at New Jersey American Water. “Unfortunately, the US Environmental Protection Agency estimates that about half of the water use outdoors gets wasted. We want to protect our precious water resources and avoid this, while also helping customers save money on their water bill.”

Here are some wise water tips for saving water outdoors:

  • Reuse it. Use water from rain barrels and kiddie pools for watering lawns and gardens.
  • Embrace the bucket! Instead of using a running hose, use water contained in a bucket for washing cars and pets, and rinsing sandy/grassy feet.
  • Sweep, don’t Spray. Use a broom instead of a hose or pressure washer for clearing debris from sidewalks or pavement.
  • Timing is everything. Only water during the coolest parts of the day (early morning or evening) to minimize evaporation. Also, be aware of which plants don’t need to be watered every day.
  • Water only when needed. Watering your lawn is a highly consumptive water use. It is not necessary to water your lawn every day. Generally, lawns only require one inch of water per week, most coming from rainfall and dew.
  • Use drip irrigation hoses to water your gardens and flower beds.
  • Rain delay. Watch the weather forecast to avoid watering and then having “Mother Nature” re-water your lawn or garden. Excess water can damage plants.
  • Pick your plants wisely. Purchase native varieties that require less water and remain hearty in drier weather. And don’t forget to mulch (only 2-3”) to help with water retention. Established plants need much less water.
  • Be a leak detective. Find and fix leaks and breaks in hoses, sprinkler systems and pipes. For help, download New Jersey American Water’s Leak Detection Kit at under Water Information.
  • Raise the blade. Raise the level of your lawnmower blade to avoid lawn burnout and the need for watering.
  • Keep an eye out. Watch your sprinkler’s “sweep” to make sure all the water is reaching vegetation that needs it and not the pavement! Check this frequently in case a person or animal has accidentally redirected your sprinkler.
  • Get the little ones involved. Include your children when implementing water-wise practices around your home so that they can feel like they are making an impact too. Visit the company’s Water Learning Center for activities that teach the value of water.

“We are asking the public to be especially mindful of water usage and proactively moderate consumption at this time,” said Commissioner of Environmental Protection Shawn M. LaTourette. “Although the state is not declaring a water supply drought watch now, simple steps, such as reducing lawn and landscape watering, go a long way in preserving our water supplies and avoiding the necessity of restrictive measures in the future.”

In addition, the company offers a free Irrigation Efficiency Webinar for irrigation contractors and customers to help minimize their outdoor water waste. The presentation, which debunks common irrigation misconceptions and provides practical solutions to optimize water usage, has also been approved for 1.5 Continuing Education Credits (CEC) in Water Conservation by the Landscape Irrigation Contractor Examining Board.

New Jersey American Water customers can monitor their water usage and find ways to use water more wisely online through their MyWater account. More indoor and outdoor water-saving tips can be found on New Jersey American Water’s website at and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s Water Conservation Website.

New Jersey American Water, a subsidiary of American Water (NYSE: AWK), is the largest investor-owned water utility in the state, providing high-quality and reliable water and wastewater services to approximately 2.8 million people. For more information, visit and follow New Jersey American Water on Twitter and Facebook.

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