This Thanksgiving, Beware The FOG!

Tennessee American Water provides tips for proper disposal of cooking grease to protect home plumbing and sewers from backups

Chattanooga, TN (Nov. 25, 2020) – As Thanksgiving approaches, Tennessee American Water is warning customers: do not let the FOG ruin your holiday! Fats, oils, and grease (FOG) are a natural result of the cooking that occurs in our homes. But failure to properly dispose of FOG could create a holiday to remember for all the wrong reasons.

When washed down the drain, FOG can adhere to the insides of the pipes. Over time, this build up can cause your pipes to become clogged. In the worst cases, this may cause sewer or septic backups in your home, creating lasting memories of the holidays that you would probably prefer to forget. Neither dishwashing detergents nor garbage disposals can properly stop the FOG!

“It’s not something we want to think about during the holidays, but fats, oils, and grease can become a real problem if they are washed down the drain,” said Tony D’Aguillo, Vice President of Operations at Tennessee American Water. “Eventually, they solidify and become a thick sludge that sticks inside pipes and equipment, causing blockages that could result in costly repairs. As we all adjust to a different kind of holiday because of COVID-19, let’s remove this unnecessary headache from our lives. Follow these simple tips to prevent the FOG from claiming your pipes!”

Tennessee American Water provides the following tips for handling fats, oils, and grease to ensure clear pipes and sewer or septic system lines:

  1. Never pour grease down sink drains or into toilets.
  2. Pour fats, oils, and grease into an empty jar or coffee can.
  3. Allow the grease to cool and solidify before throwing the container in the trash.
  4. Install baskets or strainers in sink drains to catch food scraps.
  5. Scrape food scraps and grease from plates, pots, and utensils into the trash before washing.

Earlier in the year, Tennessee American Water offered tips about what not to put in your home’s pipes or flush to avoid messy plumbing problems.





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