The following tariffs include effective sample forms:

The following tariffs include effective sample Forms:
Form 15 Main Extension Contract - Individuals
Form 16 Main Extension Contract
Form 17 Indemnity Agreement
Form 73 Application for Special Connection, except Village District
Form 73A Application for Special Connection
Form 74 Shopping Center Agreements
Form 75 Apartment/Condominium Complex Agreement
Form EI-1 Emergency Interconnect Agreement New Service
Form EI-2 Emergency Interconnection Agreement Existing Interconnection
Appendix C Uniform Fire Hydrant Service Agreement
Customer Assistance Program Forms Customer Assistance Programs
Monterey Specific Forms:
Ambler Park Annual Bill Calculation Insert
Bishop Annual Bill Calculation Insert
Hidden Hills & Ryan Ranch Annual Bill Calculation Insert
Monterey Peninsula Annual Bill Calculation Insert
Form EI-M1 Emergency Interconnection Agreement - New Service-Monterey District
Form EI-M2 Emergency Interconnection Agreement - Existing Interconnection-Monterey Division



Additional Information, Forms and Notices
Ad Hoc
Adjustment Denial Letter
Billing History for Sewer Company
Bill for Water Service
Check Meter - Consistent Reading
Check Meter - No Leak Detected
Check Meter - Possible Leak
Check Water Pressure
Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement
Credit Letter
Curb Box Tampering
Customer Request - Remove Fluoride
Disregard Second Estimated Bill
Final Bill for Service
Final Notice of Unpaid Balance to Collection Agency
Final Shut-Off Notice
General Water Billing Explanation
Higher Than Expect Meter Read - Need Access 
Help To Others Brochure (Spanish)
Important Notice Collection Notice on Final Bill
Inaccessible Meter
Inform Customer - High Consumption
Joint Water & Sewer Sample Bill
Landlord Service Notice
Leak Adjustment Denied - Low Volume
Leak Adjustment Denied - High Volume Not Due to Leak
Leak Adjustment Denied - Not Residential Customer
Leak Adjustment Denied - Second Request
Leak Adjustmnet Letter For Manual Bill Adjustment - Discount Rate
Leak Adjustmnet - Percent Adjustment 
Leak Adjustment Provided
Leak Adjustment Request Form 
Leak Adjustment Request - Need Receipts
Leak Found By Company
Leak Found - Water Shut-Off
Loss of Water Adjustment
Main Flushing Program
Medical Certification Letter
Meter Pit Covered By Pavement - Need Access
Meter Removed - Property Demolition
Meter Test Results - Malfunction
Meter Test Results - Meter Accurate
Monterey Conservation Door Hanger
Need Customer Information
Need Access - Higher Than Expect Meter Read 
Need Acces - To Meter Final Letter- Meter Fix
Need Acces - To Meter First Letter- Meter Fix
Notice of Company Posting Error to Your Account
Notice of Meter Tampering
Notice of Periodic Meter Change
Notice of Private Fire Service Disconnect
Notice of Unpaid Balance to Collection Agency
Notice of Water Shut-Off - Irrigation System Problem
Notice of Water System Upgrade
Notice to Customer (English)
Notice to Customer (Spanish)
NSF Check
Payment Arrangement Confirmation
Payment Arrangement - Re-Affirm
Property Owner/Rental Agent Agreement
Real Estate Development Agreement
Reminder Notice
Replace Meter Letter 1
Replace Meter Letter 2
Request for Taxpayer ID Number
Returned Bill Notice
Returned Check - Various Reasons
Returned Mail Notice
Sample Budget Bill
Service Door Hanger (English)
Service Door Hanger (Spanish)
Service Shut Off Notice (English)
Service Shut Off Notice (Spanish)
Service Verification
Shut-Off Water / Hot Water Heating Inactive
Third Party Notification
Three Day Shut Off Notice
Usuage History/Meter History 
Vacant House - Water Running
Water Line Break Apology
Water Usage - No Customer