Sometimes customers face circumstances that stretch their financial resources. Maryland American Water is here to assist. Our customer service representatives will work with you on a plan to pay the balance of your bill over time. You may also be qualified to receive assistance through our H2O Help to Others Program™.


American Water is committed to our communities and to keeping the water and life flowing for our customers. One way we do this is through our customer assistance programs. If you’re experiencing financial hardship, please reach out to find out more about the programs available in your state.

The Low-Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP) is a federally funded program that provides emergency assistance to families experiencing hardship with their water bills.

LIHWAP will be able to assist our customers who are behind on their drinking water and wastewater bills to help keep their water and wastewater service active. 

Payment Arrangements

If you cannot pay your bill by the due date, please contact our customer service center immediately, BEFORE the due date at 1-866-641-2131. Our customer service representatives will work with you on a plan to pay the balance of your bill over time.

Help to Others - Customer Assistance Program

The H2O Help to Others Program™ offers grants of up to $500 per year for customers who qualify. Grants are funded through a corporate donation as well as customer and employee donations.

To be eligible for the program, grant recipients must have a water bill balance of at least $165. Recipients must also have made a sincere effort to pay the bill (at least $50 on the outstanding water bill in the past 90 days), and have a household income at or below 150 percent of the federal poverty income guidelines. A grant from this program may not cover the recipient’s entire water bill.

Monthly Income Guidelines

Number of Persons in Household

 Total Combined Household Monthly Income

















For each

additional person


How You Can Help

Those who wish to contribute to the H2O Help to Others Program can do so by adding a donation to their monthly Maryland American Water bill payment. Donations can be made as a one-time gift or as a monthly donation. You can also send a donation directly to the Dollar Energy Fund at:

Dollar Energy Fund
P.O. Box 42329
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Please write “H2O Program Donation - MD” on the memo portion of your check.

You can be assured that 100 percent of your donation and our matching funds go directly to qualifying customers. Our company assumes all administrative costs for this program so that every penny you donate goes directly to this worthwhile cause.

For more information

Maryland American Water’s H2O Help to Others Program™ program is administered by the Dollar Energy Fund, an independent, non-profit organization. For more information about the program and additional qualification requirements, call our Customer Service Center at 1-866-641-2131.