Lead And Drinking Water

At Missouri American Water, providing safe, reliable water service is our top priority. Each year we invest hundreds of millions of dollars to upgrade our water systems to support our continued provision of safe and reliable water service to our customers. We employ a proactive, multi-faceted approach to manage the potential exposure to lead as part of our commitment to maintain high-quality water and help protect the health and safety of our customers.

Below you can learn more about the layers of protection Missouri American Water takes to reduce potential exposure. We treat water to prevent corrosion of service lines and household plumbing, and our ongoing lead and copper compliance testing continues to meet state and federal water quality regulations, including those set for lead.

Missouri American Water has voluntarily pledged to replace all lead/galvanized service lines in the communities we serve by 2030. This goes above and beyond current federal requirements to better protect our customers. We are proud to work with lawmakers, regulators, community stakeholders, and our customers to achieve this goal.

If you think your service line may contain lead/galvanized, you can self-report or have one of our professionals come and inspect it for you. If your service line is made of lead or galvanized steel, we’d like to work with you to replace it at no direct cost to you.

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Our Approach

We take steps to reduce the potential for lead to leach from your pipes into the water.

Assess & Reduce Exposure

Homes built before 1930 are more likely to have lead plumbing systems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for the most frequently asked questions around lead service line replacements.

Pipe Material Information

Here’s a quick guide to help you determine your service line material.

More Resources

Additional resources and videos about lead in drinking water and lead poisoning prevention.

Pitcher Filter FAQs

During a lead service line replacement, we will provide a pitcher filter for use at your home.