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We built our business on our values—safety, trust, environmental leadership, teamwork and high performance. Our business partners have our commitment to perform responsibly and to behave ethically while in pursuit of the highest standards of quality and service in our industry. 

We welcome the chance to help developers, engineers, contractors, suppliers, vendors, and municipalities solve their water and wastewater system operations, management, supply and delivery challenges. We’re committed to working with you to improve our communities and infrastructure.

Our experts are passionate about delivering high-quality water and wastewater services and solutions to both our customers and our business partners. We are innovators, engineers, scientists and environmentalists, and we welcome any chance to help communities, builders and developers solve their water and wastewater system operation, management, supply and delivery challenges. Our strength stems from our longevity in the industry.  

Do you have a project that requires expert water and wastewater service solutions? We would be proud to work with you. New business partnerships not only give us the chance to work with your team of experts to find smart and innovative solutions — it allows us to cover more ground in improving the water and wastewater systems in the communities we hold so dear.

If you are looking for help with a new or existing water or wastewater system, please contact our Business Development team at

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Illinois American Water Acquires Village of Tolono water and wastewater systems

Villa Grove approves water and wastewater sale

Mt. Pulaski approves water and wastewater sale

Village of Jerseyville approves water and wastewater sale

Illinois American Water Completes Acquisition of Granite City Wastewater Treatment Facility

What about those against privatization?

As a community leader, it isn't uncommon to hear from groups or individuals with their own agendas. Similarly, water activists are unfortunately trying to take down private water operators with false and purposefully misleading information. These critics don’t understand the important role water companies play in towns and cities all across the country. Instead of offering communities real solutions to meet their water needs, these activist groups push false narratives and ideological arguments with distorted evidence and partial timelines. Learn more here.


Illinois Water System Viability Act

Communities throughout Illinois are looking for options to deal with their aging water and wastewater systems. Read more in the Illinois Water System Viability Act.

Supplier Diversity

We realize that to successfully fulfill our mission of providing safe and reliable water services to our customers and communities, the relationships we forge with our suppliers are key. 

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Engineers & Contractors

In our years of experience in the industry, we've seen all types of challenges, in all areas of the country, and have learned that a one-size solution doesn't fit all. Our teams have  experience in every stage, and in every facet of water and wastewater service solutions. For more information on our engineering and contracting services click below. 

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Project Examples

Over the years, and all across North America, American Water has had the opportunity to work on exciting projects of all sizes. Find out more on our American Water Solutions website.