If you are a developer or business owner who would like to extend water infrastructure to a new project either within or near an existing Illinois American Water Service area, this is the place to start.  Illinois American Water is committed to providing an easy, efficient process to help bring water resources where and when needed.

We look forward to providing water services to your new development.  Please start your new project planning with the New Development Booklet – an essential tool for use in planning your project and keeping it on schedule.  It is important to note that we cannot provide water service until all requirements identified on the checklist have been met.

Development is important to the communities that we serve.  Our goal is to provide you with a process that is efficient, effective and easy to use.  If you have questions, please contact your Local Developer Services Contact by phone or email. Click the link to connect with your area Developer Supervisor.

We work with our cities and communities to provide residents and businesses with high-quality water and wastewater service. We also can help communities plan water systems when new growth and development happen. In our years of experience in the industry, we’ve seen all types of challenges, in all areas of the country, and have learned that a one size solution doesn’t fit all. Our teams of experts have experience in every stage, and in every facet of water and wastewater service solutions.

Our engineering and contracting services include:

  • Project oversight – We supervise facility planning and engineering from start to finish
  • Feasibility and analysis studies – We conduct research to determine a development’s most efficient water and wastewater service options
  • Site evaluation – We determine optimum locations for facilities
  • Permitting – We secure the permits necessary to build facilities
  • Plant and process design – We provide custom solutions and innovative uses of technology  

Developer Installed Water Main Program Forms/ Contracts

(Responsibility: Contractor)  

C-1 Notification of Commencement

C-2 Notification of Material

C-3H Fire Hydrant Completion Sheet

C-3V Valve Completion Sheet

C-4 Notification of Testing Sampling

C-5 Sample Sheet

C-6 Fire Hydrant Pressure and Fire Flow Form

C-7 Estimated Water Usage

C-8 Release of Liens

C-9 Subcontractor and/or Supplier Release of Liens (Responsibility: Developer)  

(Responsibility: Developer)

D-1 Project Application

D-2 Estimated Cost Form

D-3 Notification of Main Installation Contractor

D-4A Easement and Right of Way Agreement (Individual)

D-4B Easement and Right of Way Agreement (Corporation)

D-5 Notification of Inspector

D-6 Main Extension Agreement

D-7 Final Actual Cost Form

D-8 Bill of Sale

D-9 Transfer of Ownership  

(Responsibility: Engineer)  

E-1 ICC Main Sizing Justification

E-2 Daily Inspection Report

E-3 Hydrostatic Pressure Test

E-4 Engineer’s Certification  


Appendix A - Developer Installed Water Main Program Forms/Contracts

Appendix B - Developer Installed Water Main Supplemental Technical Specifications

Appendix D - Minimum Standards for Drawings

Appendix E - Developer Installed Water Main

Appendix F - Developer Installed Water Main Bacteriological Sampling Policy

Appendix G - GIS Requirements for Water Main Construction Projects

Appendix H - Equipment Data Spreadsheet for Water Main Construction Projects

Appendix I - GIS Requirements for Wastewater Main Construction Projects

Appendix J - Equipment Data Spreadsheet for Wastewater Main Construction Projects

Appendix K – Standard Water Main Details

Appendix L – Standard Sanitary Sewer & Storm Details

Whenever possible, all forms should be submitted to ILAW via the Engineering Firm who will be responsible for the timely and accurate completion of all paperwork.  

Developer Installed Fire Service Program Forms/Contracts

V1 - Private Fire Service Installation Packet

AF-1 Project Initiation Application

AF-2 -Data Sheet for Proposed Fire Service Installation

AF-2A -Hydraulic Calculations

AF-3 -Notification of Fire Service Contractor

IF-3   -Application for Private Fire Service

CF-1 -Notification of Commencement

AF-4 -Engineer's Certification

AF-5 -Cross Connection Control Device Inspection Form

C-8B -Release of Liens

C-9B -Subcontractor and/or Supplier Release of Liens  

Developer Installed Sanitary Sewer Program Forms/Contracts

Sanitary Sewer Project Checklist.

C-8B -Release of Liens

C-9B -Subcontractor and/or Supplier Release of Liens  

D-1B -Application for Developer Installed

D-2B -Estimated Cost Form

D-3B -Notification of Main Installation Contractor

D-4A -Easement from Individual

D-4B -Easement from Corporation

D-5B -Notification of Inspection

D-7B -Final Actual Cost Form

D-8B -Bill of Sale

D-9B -Transfer of Ownership

E-2B -Construction and Daily Field Report

E-3B -Sanitary Sewer  Test

E-4B -Engineer’s Certification