Water Education Center

Our team of experts is passionate about building a pipeline of future water and wastewater leaders. This is why we visit classrooms – virtually and in-person and provide educational resources to teachers and the community. Below are some programs we offer. Click here for more information on our educational efforts.


Our online learning center provides in-depth information about how water makes its way to your tap and the importance of conserving it. You can also find helpful tools and tips that require minimal effort and provide meaningful impact. Visit our online learning center at illinoisamwater.com - Water Information - Water Learning Center..


We recently launched the Splash Lab where American Water makes science simple and fun. Viewers of all ages can get a closer look at the groundbreaking science and technology that helps us deliver safe, reliable water and wastewater services. You can find the series of 3-minute webisodes at illinoisamwater.com - Water Information - Splash Lab.


We partnered with The Sun Foundation in Peoria to offer a virtual classroom experience that provides interactive lessons, activities and Clean Water Champion videos, which feature Illinois American Water employees. The Clean Water Champion videos are on The Sun Foundation’s YouTube channel at youtube.com/c/SunFoundationIL. The virtual classroom can be found at sunfoundation.org - Clean Water Celebrations - Virtual Classroom.


We support young artists annually through our “Water Keeps Life Flowing” art contest, which focuses on the importance of reliable, safe water service. Each year 3rd-, 4th- and 5th-grade students draw pictures and write captions about what water service means to them. Winners receive a $100 gift card for their classrooms. 2021 Youth Art Contest Winners can be found on our Facebook page @ilamwater - Photos.


Meet Splash!

Water and You: Water Cycle

Our earth's water goes around and around. We call this the "water cycle." The water cycle moves water from the earth to the air and back to the earth again.

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The Value of Water:

Water is essential to life! We invest in our systems to ensure high-quality reliable service to our customers for today and in the future.

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Water Conservation:

We use water every day. We use it to bathe, cook, clean, drink and have fun! Water is a precious resource. Use it wisely.

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Water and You: Water Treatment

Our water experts test and monitor water throughout the treatment process. We often provide water service that is better than what the government requires.

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Plant to Tap:

We treat and deliver a reliable supply of drinking water to customers 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year!

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