Illinois American Water’s water and wastewater service rates are based on the cost of providing quality, reliable service to customers. Rates also pay for infrastructure upgrades Illinois American Water makes to support reliability.

Illinois American Water is regulated by the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC). The only way that Illinois American Water can adjust base rates is with the approval of the ICC.

On January 25, 2024, Illinois American Water filed a rate request with the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) reflecting $557 million in water and wastewater system investments to be made through 2025 to continue providing clean, safe, reliable and affordable service. The request reinforces the company’s commitment to investing in its water and wastewater systems to replace aging infrastructure, provide reliable service, enhance water quality and comply with environmental regulations.

The rate request includes $421 million in water system infrastructure improvements and $136 million in wastewater system infrastructure improvements to be made over two years, from January 2024 to December 2025. Investments in the rate request include the replacement of approximately 44 miles of aging water and wastewater pipelines and the upgrading of storage tanks, wells, pumping stations, hydrants, meters, wastewater plants, and more across the state. Also included in the rate request is the ongoing replacement of lead water service lines across the state as well as improvements to water treatment facilities in Cairo, Sterling, Peoria, Leonore, Hardin, Nettle Creek and Saunemin to support continued safe drinking water treatment to residents and businesses.

The company’s last general rate case was filed with the ICC in January 2022 and a rate Order was approved in December 2022. New rates became effective in January 2023.

If the new rates are approved, as filed with the ICC on Jan.25, 2024, residential customers would see their monthly water service bills increase about $24 per month, while the average residential wastewater bill would increase by about $3 per month. Both rates would depend on the customer’s service area.

Part of the Jan. 25, 2024, filing with the ICC includes a proposal to expand the Income-Based Discount program to make additional customers who need bill assistance eligible for the program. Illinois American Water offers customer assistance through its H2O Help to Others program, payment plans and budget billing. For questions about the program or to apply, customers can call Dollar Energy at 888-282-6816 or they can apply directly at the company’s website at

The Jan. 25, 2024, filing is a necessary first step in the 11-month ICC rate review process; customer rates are not changing at this time. Any general rate changes proposed through this filing would not become effective until early 2025 when a final rate order is approved by the ICC.

You can learn more about the rate setting process here.
The filing can also be viewed in full here. The related press release can be viewed here.

The below document(s) explain current rates by service district:
Illinois American Water Rates

Supporting Quality Infrastructure

Illinois American Water is dedicated to investing in local water and wastewater systems to provide reliable, high-quality service. That includes making timely investments in our systems. Our Quality Infrastructure Program helps us to replace and update aging infrastructure on a timely basis.

The Quality Infrastructure Program (QIP) Surcharge funds company improvements to infrastructure replacements in some communities. You can learn more about your bill, as well as your rights and responsibilities here (English | Spanish).

The ICC has also created a Customer Bill of Rights for Illinois Water and Sewer Customers.

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