We take great pride in what we do and we hold ourselves to the highest standards in delivering safe, clean, reliable and affordable drinking water to the people we serve. When it comes to complying with strict federal regulations, we’ve consistently scored among the highest of all water companies. Our team consists of the industry’s leading researchers, scientists, and plant operators, all committed to our mission of delivering high-quality water to our customers.

In this area of our site you can learn all about our research and testing methods and facilities, as well as read the current water quality report for your area.

Water Quality Fact Sheets

Illinois American Water has created the following fact sheets to help describe certain water quality subjects. These one- and two-page sheets focus on a variety of water quality questions customers often have.

Aesthetics - causes of discolored water

Chlorine - a necessary ingredient in the treatment of drinking water

Hardness - causes of the white residue on glassware, dishes, etc.

Lead - your home's plumbing is the most common source of lead in drinking water

Taste and Odor - causes of unusual tastes and orders in drinking water

Boil Water Order FAQs

Hydrant & System Flushing

Water Quality One Pagers

Water Quality

Additional Resources

Water Treatment Process
Wastewater Treatment Process
Building & School Flushing One-Pager 
The Water and Wastewater Treatment Process Brochure
In the past several years, and all over the country, we’ve received more than 150 awards for superior water quality from state regulators, industry organizations, individual communities, and governmental and environmental agencies. Visit our Accolades section to view some of our recent awards.

We provide our Water Quality Reports – also called Consumer Confidence Reports -- to our customers annually.

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