We can help communities plan water systems when new growth and development is happening. If you are a developer, business owner or other entity that would like to extend water infrastructure to a new project either within or near an existing service area, this is the place to start. We are committed to providing an easy, efficient process to help bring water resources where and when needed.

Don't know where to start? Send an email to and we can point you in the right direction. 

If you are ready to get started, complete the Water Main Extension Application and submit to Developer Services.  You will receive a link to the Developer Portal for your project.  The Developer Portal will allow your team to collaborate with the Developer Services Team for the main extension review process.  The Developer Portal has all the updated Specifications including the Standard Details in PDF and autoCAD format. All documents below are available to you in the Developer Portal. 

General Information

Guidelines for Developer Installed Water Main Extensions

Water Main Extension Application and Instructions for Submittal

Main Extension Resources

Design Requirements

2019-Technical Specifications

Standard Details (autoCAD available upon request)

Main Extension Standard Notes

Utility Easement Agreement (Example)

Off-Site Main Extension Agreement (Example)

On-Site Main Extension Agreement (Example)

Required Documents for Main Extension Agreement

Record Drawing Requirements

Required Documents for Transfer of Ownership

Private Fire Service Resources

Private Fire Service Application

Fire Service Vault Details


Contractors that would like to be included on our list of Pre-Qualified Contractors must complete the Contractor application below and submit to Developer Services at  Please be sure to include references for previous jobs that include water main installation.  

Contractor Pre-Qualification Application