Water-service rates are based on the real costs of treating and delivering water to customers, and are regulated by state public utilities commissions (PUCs). 

To determine rates, we work with PUC staffs to study costs of construction, maintenance, operation, administration and financing. Once the studies are complete, the company and PUC present any differing conclusions before an administrative law judge. Based on the judge’s opinion, the PUC sets the water rates.

Rates charged for service may vary based on a customer’s meter size and usage. Customers are billed based on a regular meter reading, either monthly or quarterly for residential customers as well as for commercial and other public authority customers.

Rates can vary based on the cost of providing service in the communities we serve. Before it reaches your home or business, water is treated through an intricate treating and testing process to help ensure it meets or surpasses rigorous drinking water quality standards.

You can learn more about the rate setting process in our white paper: Challenges In The Water Industry: The Rate Approval Process.

Indiana American Water Rates 

Information on Indiana American Water's Most Recent Rate Request & Order - Cause No. 45870

The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) on February 14, 2024 issued an order approving base rate adjustments on a statewide basis for Indiana American Water following a comprehensive 11-month review process.

The company’s rate adjustment request, which was filed on March 31, 2023, was driven primarily by approximately $875 million in water and wastewater investments since the last approved rate adjustment, to be made through April 2025, as well as increases in the cost of procuring chemicals, goods and services.    

The order includes a $66.3 million adjustment to existing authorized operating water and wastewater revenues to address the increased investment and expenses. The increase will be implemented through a phased, three-step process through May 2025.

The increases for residential wastewater customers will vary depending on the community served. Final water and wastewater customer rates are available by clicking above on the "Indiana American Water Rates" link above.

Prior to the most recent rate adjustment, the company last filed for new rates through a general rate filing in September 2018.

The IURC also approved a new rate design that provides 1,500 gallons of water usage at no additional cost above the fixed monthly customer charge for all water customers. The change will allow Indiana American Water to provide low-cost basic water service for customers on fixed incomes that use a lower volume of water than the typical residential customer. With this change, the cost for the typical residential water customer using 1,500 gallons will be approximately $20 per month.

Indiana American Water also offers payment plans and budget billing. For tips on how to reduce your water bill by conserving water, visit our Wise Water Use page at

For more information on the IURC order, a news release on the topic is available from Indiana American Water.