West Virginia American Water has established the following Leak Adjustment Policy to be used in providing leak adjustments to its residential, commercial, and OPA customers.  Industrial customers are not eligible for leak adjustments.

  • The Company will make a leak adjustment only when the usage being adjusted is at least two times greater than the customer’s twelve month average usage as defined in Water Rule 4.4.c.2. The leak adjustment will be computed pursuant to applicable rules of the Public Service Commission and the leak adjustment rate (incremental cost of water) specified in the Company’s current tariff.
  • The Company will not make an adjustment for leaks resulting from leaking commodes, dripping faucets, malfunctioning appliances, or similar situations.  Each of these leaks is under the sole control of the customer and the customer must act to avoid these leaks through proper maintenance, repair and foresight.  
  • A “hidden leak” is a leak causing excess usage that is hidden from view, such as in a line that is underground, behind a wall or in a crawl space, and that produces no visible or audible signs that would alert a reasonably prudent person to the presence of the leak.  
  • If the customer has a hidden leak, then the customer may request a leak adjustment.  Upon the customer providing adequate information to demonstrate that there was a hidden leak and that it has been repaired (e.g. repair item receipts or contractor invoices), the Company will process a hidden leak adjustment in accordance with this policy. The Company reserves the right to require documentation, including but not limited to repair item receipts or contractor invoices, to verify that a repair has been made and the leak was hidden before processing a leak adjustment.
  • The Company will provide a hidden leak adjustment to eligible customers for a maximum of two billing periods: the period in which the leak developed and the period immediately following that month when the leak should have been repaired.  The Company may, in the alternative and as a courtesy to the customer, adjust the two highest consecutive months during the time the leak ran.  An exception will be made if the leak occurred during a billing period or periods during which usage was estimated, or if the Company in its sole discretion determines that other conditions exist that warrant an adjustment for additional time periods.  
  • In the event of a second leak in the customer’s service pipe, the customer should consider replacing the entire service pipe.  Repeated leak adjustments or abuse of this policy may result in a denial of leak adjustments or discontinuation of service under Water Rule 5.3.h. 

Leak Adjustment Request Form

Click here to download the Leak Adjustment Request Form. 

The form should be completed, printed, signed and submitted to one of the following:

Fax:  (304) 340-2071  

Email:  wvawc.bpgroup@amwater.com    

West Virginia American Water
Attention: Leak Adjustment
1600 Pennsylvania Ave
Charleston, WV 25302

Please allow up to 30 days for processing.