Treatment Plant Tour Rules

  • Appropriate dress is mandatory for all tours, including closed-toed walking shoes. For the safety of all guests, visitors with inappropriate dress will not be permitted to tour the facility.
  • For the safety of our guests, no one under 9 years of age is permitted to tour our treatment plants.
  • Tours will be limited to groups of no more than 20 people. Smaller tour groups and/or multiple tours may be necessary if the facility or tour route will not accommodate 20 people. Multiple Kentucky American Water tour guides will be provided for larger tour groups.
  • No large bags or backpacks are allowed inside Kentucky American Water facilities.
  • All adults, on the day of the tour, must provide a valid government-issued photo identification e.g. (state driver's license, passport) upon arrival and sign in.
  • Adult visitors not having a valid government-issued photo identification are not permitted to tour the facility.

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