We can help communities plan water systems when new growth and development is happening. If you are a developer, business owner or other entity that would like to extend water infrastructure to a new project either within or near an existing service area, this is the place to start. We are committed to providing an easy, efficient process to help bring water resources where and when needed.

We have professionals available to address questions related to current or future projects. Please send your questions to

Water Main Taps

New taps in water mains are not always necessary. If an existing building is present, it is sometimes possible to use the existing tap. A separate fee will be necessary for each of the main services: domestic, irrigation and fire. For domestic and irrigation meters 2” and smaller please click on the appropriate link below for tap applications, depending on the location of the new tap:

Northern Division (Owen, Grant and Gallatin counties)

Central and Southern Division (Bourbon, Clark, Fayette, Harrison, Jackson, Jessamine, Nicholas, Rockcastle, Scott and Woodford counties)

Fire services and meters 2” and larger must be submitted to Kentucky American Water’s Engineering Department for review and design. These are installed at the cost of the developer. Please send requests to:

fire services packet

Water Mains

The size and material of water mains will be determined by Kentucky American Water. The company can provide mapping of the existing system per request.

Fire Flow Tests

Kentucky American Water may be able to provide required fire flow tests to the fire system designer upon request. These tests are conducted by company personnel, and a report will be provided upon completion. There are no fees associated with these requests.

Backflow Preventer Assemblies

Backflow Preventer Requirements

  • All fire service backflow prevention devices must be Double Check Detector Assembly (DCDA) and meet or exceed the Foundation for Cross-Connection Control and Hydraulic Research of the University of Southern California (FCCCHR) standards.
  • All commercial properties and residential properties with four or more units must have a backflow prevention device for domestic services.
  • All of these devices must be Reduced Pressure Zone (RPZ) type.
  • All irrigation services require these as well.

Fire Service Backflow Prevention Device Location

The backflow prevention device can be located in the building if it is within 150 linear feet of the Post Indicator Valve (PIV). Otherwise, it must be located in a vault as close to the PIV as possible.

Backflow Preventer Maintenance

Each backflow device is required to be tested annually by a certified backflow tester.

Water Main Extension Requests

The following are required for water main extension requests:

  • A letter that includes the name and address of the Engineer of Record and the name, address and phone number of the entity fiscally responsible for the project.
  • Four hard copies of the plans and/or the final plat, BMP erosion control plan and digital CAD file(s).
  • A letter from the fire department with jurisdiction approving/recommending the location of fire hydrants.

Water Main Extension Request Process

  • Once all items referenced above are received the company assigns an inspector and drafts the initial design.
  • The inspector will perform a site visit ten to fourteen days after the initial design. The site must be within 6 inches of final grade. We strongly recommend that curbs be installed when the inspection is performed.
  • After the inspection is complete, we will complete the final design and request bids from certified contractors. Contractors will have approximately two weeks to submit bids.
  • Once bids are received and tabulated, we will award the project to the approved low bidder. We will then prepare a letter and agreement(s) for the entity financially responsible, requesting a deposit and providing information about a refund, if applicable.
  • We will order materials once we receive the required deposit and signed agreements. Materials typically take two to four weeks to be delivered. However, due to COVID and the national driver shortage, we are experiencing significant delays. NOTE: As of February 2022: Material deliveries are currently taking approximately sixteen weeks.
  • Once materials are delivered, we will begin the construction process of the water main extension.

Please send your questions to