To comply with requirements of the U.S. EPA’s proposed Lead and Copper Rule Revision (LCRR) by 2024, Pennsylvania American Water is undertaking a project to identify the service line material type on both the company side and the customer side for all of its customers.

In early 2023, if your service line material is unknown to us, you will receive a postcard in the mail asking you to participate in a short questionnaire to help us determine your service line material. Our service line inventory project team at TYLin | Greeley and Hansen Water Solutions will be available by phone to answer questions about this process and can help you schedule an in-home inspection to verify your service line material type, if needed. Once this information is gathered, we will develop a public-facing web-based map that shows company- and customer-side service line material.


Please “pipe up” and participate in this important program by responding to our customer survey or calling 877-201-7926.


pennsylvania american water Service Line Material Inventory Project graphic


All contractors representing Pennsylvania American Water in the field will be wearing logoed, high-visibility vests and carrying official photo ID badges. If we contact you about your service line material, we urge you to participate in this important information-gathering project while also being vigilant to check for proper identification before allowing anyone self-identifying as a utility representative into your home.

Click here for a downloadable fact sheet on Pennsylvania American Water's Service Line Inventory Project.