Payment Arrangements

If you cannot pay your bill by the due date, please contact our customer service center at 1-800-272-1325 BEFORE the due date. They will work with you to determine payment plan options that may be available. In addition, in response to the COVID-19 public health emergency:

  • Deferred payment agreements, including a minimum of 12-months with no down payment required, will be available through March 15, 2022.
  • Residential customers continue to be protected from shutoff for non-payment through March 15, 2022. 


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Budget Billing and Installment Plans

Budget billing is a free service available to residential customers that makes managing your cashflow easier. It provides predictable monthly payments while avoiding seasonal spikes that may be difficult to pay when not planned for in advance. To sign up or to see if you are eligible, call our customer service center at 1-800-272-1325. Click here for more information. 


Assisting Customers Who Need it The Most

For nearly two decades, New Jersey American Water has been assisting low-income water customers who qualify through its H2O Help to Others Program™, administered by New Jersey Shares. For more information or to apply, visit or call 1-877-652-9426 (1-877-NJAWH2O). There are two main components of the program: grants and a discount on the service charge.


Customers who qualify may receive a grant of up to $500 to help pay their water bill for indoor water use only. This would not apply to water for outdoor purposes, such as sprinkler systems. A grant from this program may not cover a recipient‘s entire water bill. In some cases, recipients must pay a portion of their bill based on their income.

Service Charge Discount

Customers who qualify may also receive up to a 100 percent discount on their monthly fixed service charge for water. Service charge discounts are also available for our wastewater customers.

DSIC Discount: Customers who qualify for the service charge discount, may also be eligible to receive a discount off the monthly DSIC charge, which is based on meter size. 

For More Information

The H2O Grants and Discounts are administered by NJShares, which is an independent, non-profit organization established to help those in need pay their utility bills. For more information, or to see if you qualify for these programs, contact NJShares toll-free at 1-877-652-9426 (1-877-NJAWH2O) or log on to

Other Utility Assistance Programs in New Jersey

In addition to New Jersey American Water’s H2O Help to Others Program, there are a number of energy and heating bill assistance programs and government programs for those who qualify. For a full list of local community resources, New Jersey residents can search the online database at and view a comprehensive listing of the state’s energy programs. Customers may also dial “2-1-1” 24 hours a day, seven days a week for help in finding available assistance services.

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