Water Learning Center

Our Water Learning Center provides some in depth information about how water makes it way to your tap, as well as helpful tips that require minimal effort and provide meaningful impact. 

We are all responsible for protecting our water supply. If everyone does their part, we can all help to ensure we have clean, safe, affordable drinking water for generations to come.

Water Education Resources


The Value of Water

Water is necessary to life itself. Much as the human body relies on water to survive, virtually every aspect of society depends on water in order to function. Without it, there would be no fire protection, no agriculture, no manufacturing, and no power grid. Yet, this most precious resource is much of the time too easily undervalued.

Because water is much of the time taken for granted – you simply turn on a tap and expect it to be there – the general public is largely unaware of the true cost of, and all the work that goes into treating and delivering clean, safe water. Americans pay less for water – about a penny per gallon on average – than do residents of most other developed nations. Water is also typically the lowest percentage utility cost per household, less than gas, oil, telephone and electricity.

Part of our mission is to help educate our customers about the water cycle, treatment and delivery methods, and the immense amount of time and effort that is invested to keep the water flowing.