Welcome, New Customers!
New Jersey American Water is your local water & wastewater company.

As a customer of New Jersey American Water, you’re in the company of approximately 2.8 million people who, like you, depend on us to provide clean, reliable and affordable water and wastewater service. We know just how far water reaches into your daily life, and we’re committed to making sure your water is accessible and meets or surpasses quality standards.

Helping you is our number one priority and we take pride in providing you with peace of mind with round-the-clock customer service and easy-to-use resources such as online bill payment capabilities, tools to view your water usage, turning your water on or off and reporting emergencies.

New Customer Booklet

For more information about New Jersey American Water, including the services we provide, our payment options and how to read your bill, view our Welcome to New Jersey American Water brochure for new customers.

For Residential Customers

Have you just moved in and want your water service turned on? There are two convenient ways to schedule an appointment to have your water service activated at a time that’s convenient for you:

  • Online: Visit
  • Call us: 1-800-272-1325, M-F, 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Are you interested in learning more about our company and services? Here are some helpful and informative links.

New Water Service Installation

To request installation of a new water service to a property, please contact our Customer Service Center at 1-800-272-1325, M-F, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., so we may begin the process. Upon receipt of your information, New Jersey American Water will review your request to verify water service is available to your property. We will contact you within five business days regarding your request and send you a service application packet when service availability is confirmed. When contacting our call center to begin the process, please have the service address as well as block and lot information.

For All Applications 

Customers should print the application guide and keep for their use and reference.

Customers for Liberty Water ONLY should print the applicable application and the demand worksheet.

Typical Diagrams: Meters, Vaults and Service Lines

For Domestic Service Applications Only 

For Domestic Service Applications when GPM requirement or desired meter size is unknown.

Demand submittal for Domestic Service Applications

For  Fire Service Applications Only

Please print and complete a Fire Flow Calculator Worksheet:

NOTE: Fire Service customers must also provide a set of sprinkler plans signed by the local Fire Sub-code Official.

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Questions and Answers about the New Water Service Inquiry Process

  • Is there a fee for installation of a service?
    Upon review of your new water service request, New Jersey American Water will determine if the customer will be responsible for any of the associated installation.
  • How long does the service installation process take?
    Your application will be processed within 5-10 business days upon receipt. During this time you will be notified of receipt of your application, acknowledgment of service availability and notified of any fees. New Jersey American Water will apply for any street opening permits, any other required permits, request a utility markout, and schedule the service for installation. The entire process can take up to 16 weeks, based upon receipt of payment, receipt of an approved street opening permit, and the order of your request.
  • After the service is installed, how do I do I activate service to have the water turned on?
    When you are ready to have the water turned on for the newly installed service, simply call our Customer Service Center at 1-800-272-1325, M-F, 7 a.m.-7 p.m., to initiate service and to have the water turned on.
  • What happens if a water main does not front my property? 
    Upon receipt of your inquiry, we will review our facility drawings and possibly conduct a site visit to ensure a water main does front the property. In a case where the water main needs to be extended, you will be notified and your request will be forwarded to Developer Services. Additional information regarding the Developer Service process can be found on our Developer Services page.

For Developers

Are you a developer or property owner that’s looking to extend water service to a newly constructed home or business? If you are and would like to extend water and/or wastewater infrastructure to a new project either within or near an existing New Jersey American Water service area, please visit our Developer Services Resource Page for more information. We look forward to working with you!