We operate as regulated utilities in approximately 1,700 communities in 14 U.S. states and follow environmental and health and safety regulations set by local authorities and federal standards. Our primary operating assets include approximately:

  • 80 surface water treatment plants
  • 540 groundwater treatment plants
  • 175 wastewater treatment plants
  • 53,700 miles of transmission, distribution and collection mains and pipes
  • 1,200 groundwater wells
  • 1,700 water and wastewater pumping stations
  • 1,100 treated water storage facilities
  • 74 dams


American Water Regulated Operations Map


Our Regulated States

California American Water
Hawaii American Water
Illinois American Water 
Indiana American Water
Iowa American Water
Kentucky American Water
Maryland American Water
Missouri American Water
New Jersey American Water
Pennsylvania American Water
Tennessee American Water*
Virginia American Water
West Virginia American Water

*Tennessee American Water provides water to part of northern Georgia.